#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


That is one seriously stupid article.


Fool. Miscreant.


I stand by this. He’s the type of player that will have these games now and again, but needs to be more consistent. He can start by backing it up this week.


Carl tank will break Cripps if they keep him going at 91% time on ground. Inevitable.

Very hard to get any correlation between Carltank wins and player inputs as there have been so few wins since stats were taken.

A more accurate correlation may be between “less bad opposition wins” or “least worse losses” and player inputs.




Oh, I dunno.
I like the statistical confirmation that Carlton absolutely will grind their one good player into the dirt and ruin him.


I love Walla!

Just because!


hope he’s alright for next week


Screw you, Tippa.


Should @wimmera1 be banned for that?

  • Yes
  • Yes, twice

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At the very least he owes me a bourbon!


You get to watch him play.

I’d say the responsibility to buy the bourbon is on you. And if you don’t want the privilege, I’d like to put my hand up.


I’m just saying it would have been nice if he could have seen his way clear to kicking the first goal.
That’s all.




Sitting with my Norf supporting mate on level 3.

My Mate “Wheres fat Tippa? hasnt done anything. i think hes a bit overrated there mate!”

10 seconds later, Tippa takes a mark and slots a goal

“TIPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” right in his face :smiley:


He pulled up a little sore in the second I think it was.

Still contributed. Sign of a very good player and leader.


The People - have Spoken.


I think you’re all very mean.


Would you turn up for it?


Corky to right thigh. Had lots of work. Any risk he doesn’t get up?