#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Didn’t it happen really early? And he played plenty afterwards, including sparking our run at the end of the second quarter?

So it’s probably not that bad?


It did. They are ok when warm, will depend how it goes over the next couple of days. Might miss.


Fell heavily on his right hip. Might need some attention there. He continued to play but was unable to spin the way he usually does and kicks beautifully.


6 day break should be ok. Iced it up straight after the game

They would have pulled him off if even slightest chance him missing Anzac Day to ice it up sooner…I know low end Corks are also better to run out whilst they are warm because soreness sets in day after, which tells me it’s low end and he’ll be fine. May not be at his best mobility wise but his straight line running and pressuring shouldn’t be affected.


More chance of that last week IMO


kudos to @CharlieDons’s twitter account for posting heaps of great stuff.

Walla has the footy smarts.


As good as Zach’s little toe poke to Heppell in the centre which ended up in Shiel’s capable hands.


Although Walla was clearly hampered on Friday he still managed to kick two goals and have a decent match. Fantastic effort.


Love seeing him at centre clearances. He just creates chaos for the opposition, looks half a step quicker and faster by hand than everyone around him.


His spoil of Joe was really bad mistake…we were coming hard then. Couldn’t believe it.


We got the next goal after the incident anyway but yes was strange


There’s a couple of these (bits of magic - not the Joey incident)every game from him… you don’t see 'em in the stats but it’s underrated what they can do for the team… you can see oppo players sh*t themselves a little more when they have the ball and he’s on their hammer. It’s been said plenty of times but that implied pressure that he brings is worth a goal or two.


Walla modelling the new Dreamtime Guernsey.

I like it.


I love the 2017 DT jumper I have, this is just as nice. They really do a good job of these…


Probably the best clash/red jumper we’ve done. I’d prefer having some black and red outside of the sash for our clash jumpers going forward.


According to CD in last four games, Tippa is in career best form, is top 10 in the comp, and is better than Doogal Howard



See, that last bit of wild extrapolation of data is why no-one takes CD seriously.


We goin with CD on this one I take it ? :smirk:


Yeah, fark dougal Howard whoever the fark he is.