#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


He was the kid doctor in that series


Wow. That is some [email protected]


Goes missing way too often.


A barometer for the team?


Wait, he’s kicked 20.1 for the year?

That’s almost Jay Neagle-like.


Couple that with the “when Orazio plays” stat and we will get some more context.


I nearly posted that, until I saw it extended into last year and decided ICBF checking.

Just by the by though, … Raz is Zero Goals in both losses he’s played in this year, . although he did kick 7 points, …


Stat could’ve been 1.0 in losses, but umpire Glouftsis saved the day. One of Geelong’s best in the first half.


I still don’t understand what happened.


I’m quite certain she doesn’t know either.


As a frustrated supporter I’d like to throw some cash Wallas way so he can buy a pair of boots that he won’t fall over in everytime he goes near the ball! Looked like he was playing on an ice rink today :crazy_face:


Clearly that statistic means if Walla kicks at least 1 goal then we automatically win the game, like in quidditch


Love the guy, but gee, when the pressure is on, he goes missing way too much.
Was almost completely absent yesterday.
He had as much presence as Fantasia, and he wasn’t even there!


Can we say that maybe he is missing Raz in the forward line?

Probably not that simple


Small forward playing near goals goes better when team plays well. When ball bombed in long and defenders clunk intercepts ad nauseum, small forward is quiet.


Putrid yesterday. Should have swapped him and McKenna at half time. Tippa might have found some football and McKenna might have stopped finding it, both of which would have been positives on the day.


That’s got decision making and delivery written on it IMHO. If he’s kicking 20.1 he knows the shots he can kick and simply will not have a crack unless he knows it’s already home. I feel like that ties into the whole confidence player argument too. If the deliveries are not coming, he’s got shots he doesn’t think he can kick. That’d have to play with your head a bit.

To be clear i’m not saying he should be given a get out of jail free.


Hard to argue or ignore those stats.

His game against the Roos was one of the best individual games I have ever seen - to me it didn’t seem like he was ‘riding the coat-tails’ of our other players, he was driving the result off his own boot.

I understand he’s primarily a finisher, but he clearly has the ability to dictate play and play well for us when the chips are down…I wonder if it’s all between the ears?


Tippa to the backline and McKenna to the forwardline would have been a good move.
We know connor can kick a goal. I saw tippa started some centre bounces. But yeah. when the game is on the line Woosha could have made these changes

Hooker forward Francis back - Hurley to Hawkins, - Francis to Rohan
McKenna to forward pocket - Tippa to back pocket, even Baguley
Francis to Midfield - I want to see that at some stage this year.


LOL Sydney

After two pathetic games Tippa almost always comes to life