#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Struggles when orazio not in the team


look at win loss this year without Orazio orazio playing. 0-2
but first 2 weeks he was under done as well. with orazio 3-2



When Raz is out the focus turns to him and he badly struggles

Needs to close the gap between his best and worst.


He’s a pretty big downhill skier. When we are losing, he’s literally nowhere to be seen. Thst above stat is disturbing

When he’s on, he’s unbelievable. But far out, he needs to stop only playing well once a month. He needs to get more consistent. Really poor the last two weeks


just throwing this out there, is it possible that other teams may be aware that when he gets a few goals we tend to win, so they tend to focus on stopping him, which is easier to do when Fantasia isnt in the team or what it just this football savant on twitter who picked this up?


Ben I don’t think you understand. Haven’t you learnt anything from this forum?
His output should be exactly the same whether we’re playing against Wagga Wagga 3rds or playing the best team in history with our half our team out.


How many of these games was Orazio out as well?

Tippa struggles hard without Raz - always has, always will.


Could not seem to find his groove. Not his best game.


I said it before, but it can also be interpreted as being ■■■■■■■ excellent at knowing which shots to take. The 0.0. stat in loses can easily be a reflection of the delivery to the forward line (dropping it on Tippa’s head in a 2 on 1 contest with bigger blokes). I’m far from an expert but this seems like such an egg & chicken stat.


He needs to work through that.


We should have pickup adam Tipingwuti, he could have played when Raz is injured.
still can in the mid season draft…but he can’t ruck.


Good thing that Raz is back this week.
Rampe will most likely go to Raz and it will be time for Walla to deliver. He would have learnt a lot in the last couple of weeks.


3 kicks 0 goals at 3/4 time

Now would be a great time to put a few doubts to bed.


done next to nothing today


Bloke needs to be dropped to show that this isn’t a free ride, Has been pathetic the last 3 weeks.


The biggest front runner in our side. Is NOWHERE when we lose

Seconds. Its a joke if he plays next week


Walla is struggling because hes missing crumbs.


I love the forward pressure that he provides, but as a forward you still need to impact the scoreboard.


Walla just need Raz back in the team and he will be able to impact the match

oh wait…

Rubbish for 3 weeks now, needs a run in the seconds.


The problem for Walla is that when he is on, he is incredible and exciting and awe inspiring, so expectations are ridiculously high for him every week. He does more than many in the team, even when he has a down week but we view him through a different lens. Seemed to lack his usual intensity against the swans though and just didn’t seem up and about.