#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Round 20 last year was the last time he kicked a goal in a losing side.


Not many possessions but did a lot of hard work in the packs where Myers was supposed to be.


This guy is killing me. Zero impact for weeks now.


Couldn’t agree more with your first comment. It’s like he’s the offspring of Regal Roller and Alan Didak at the moment.

Wouldn’t drop him him just yet (although wouldn’t be upset if he was), but he must be on thin ice. He’s there as a forward, he’s got to kick goals.

The stats are damning re his record in wins v losses. You’d be worried about his output if we actually manage to make the finals.


We need to move him up the ground in tigh games, team know to drag him away from the game and block him or he will destroy you. We are not helping him by being so stagnant in coaching.


Sure. That’s half the game, and that never seems to vary for him, which is good.
Be nice to have him get involved on the attacking side, too.
When he does get involved both ways, we tend to win.


I find it frustrating too. I think he works hard every week but it only seems to pay off half the time. Half the team was worse than him last night though.


The new Gladstone Small. Umpires say he has no neck.


0.0 in six loses. We just need him to kick a point and we win.


Actually he does a lot more stuff than people see particularly in the packs. He is getting fitter and fitter. I’d be interested to know how many kms he runs.


We win when he kicks a goal, it is science.

How are we supposed to win if he isn’t playing?

Seriously though, if we had anyone capable of laying 8 tackles, including 3 inside F50 and apply 25 pressure acts waiting in the twos, then they would likely already be playing.


Another of your really dumb posts.

Do you watch games or just look at player stats ?


Definitely down the last couple of weeks, I do think our ■■■■■ forward structure hurts him and the fact we dont have any big KPF to draw a contest for him to crumb etc


Certainly an issue that he has been goalless the last 3 weeks but did lay 10 tackles verse Sydney.

Back him in, his form will return


The streak continues


Was hilarious when he got his first, everyone in the crowd knew we were home.


We should try and create more goals for him


I was listening to 3AW streaming and even the commentators said the same thing when he kicked the first goal. They said that should be game over, we can all go home now :joy:


We should try and get the ball in his hands more full stop.


He seems to have regained some form. Great!