#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Hopefully it carries over for the coming weeks.


Tippa needs to be consistent

He needs to play like that all the time and more pressure in forwardline in particular


I’ve said this before, but I think he needs to be a bit more interested in getting a few “cheap” kicks. He just isn’t a great off-ball runner - and when the side’s not going well he gets sucked even deeper into the packs.
Can’t fault that endeavour, but needs to be tempered. He’s too good a ball user to not be getting it in his hands.


The pressure is always there IMO. It’s his kicks and goals which drop.


Imagine having two wallas in the forward line. It would be carnage.


Imagine having one Fantasia in the forwardline


Imagine having one Walla AND one Fantz in the fwd line, … for like, … more than a one week stretch.


Imagine adding a fully-fit Mosquito to that forwardline…

(Although I think he’ll be more midfield than forward, ultimately.)


As tough as he is talented, i think that may get overlooked sometimes.


But that’s not what a Fantasia is built for


Mossie will obvious start deep forward, with Walla playing further up the ground and as one pushes into his twilight years and the other comes into his prime they will swap roles.

By then we’ll have plenty of NGA and Davey kids running around too, although the later will obviously be stationed at CHF


His pressure in locking the ball in our forwardline and tackling as opposition trying to run it out of our forward 50 has dropped off


Good post. I don’t think his effort has lacked at all this year and that his ‘poor’ games have been the result of the rest of the side playing crap football. He can spark us however, so the old juniors technique of just get your hands on the pill and into the game is a good one.


Its hard for him to lock it in our f50 when our entry’s are so shallow and dont give our forwards a chance to apply pressure…


Even in our loses, where he has had minimal impact on the scoreboard with scores or involvements he has still been applying his defensive pressure, which would be what the coaches would be wanting from him consistently.

Having a quick look, he has been top 2 for pressure acts and has racked up 5+ tackles in most of those loses.

Hopefully he won’t be the only Tippa at the club in a few weeks time.


Tippa on SEN between 2.30 pm and 3pm Thursday. Will talk about Joe and Indig round.


I understand your point but, his role isn’t to get those “cheap” kicks. His role is similar to Bags in that they do self sacrificing runs up the ground and to create space. You tend not to rack up possessions doing that unless the direction of play turns your way or that you manage to work hard enough to get back to where the ball ends up.


6 touches. Has never dealt with Dreamtime well. like so many in our team the difference between his best and worst is way too big. Thought he started the game well with pressure but just completely faded. Needs to learn to persevere when the chips are down.


An interesting little barometer that one.


We can keep carrying this bloke! Yeah his great is fantastic, however we only see that in a winning team! I can’t remember seeing him named in our best in a losing side.