#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Fkn brilliant.

If that doesn’t confirm Insta cult figure status, I’ll go hee for tiggy!


Not exactly saying much given Stringer’s only finished 10 games, and Fanta and Joe have barely played


How good is that video


@hambo any goss on these guys?


I want this as my ringtone! Fantastic!


No, that’s the first I’ve heard of them. I have heard he likes to play at the MCG though:


That Walla song is superb. What a tune!


Ha, easy to blow minds here. Soooooo…

TIPPA = Houlahan — doesn’t get enough touches, does some specky stuff, really good at converting the opportunities… do a straight swap and improve both teams!


Is due to fire up. Lock in 3 goals against GWS


Best Essendon song since




Downhill skier.


I know these guys and actually manage a couple of them in our sales team. Absolute legends - two of them are brothers and such great lads.

They’re in total shock with how quickly the video has blown up - they were ecstatic that Walla and his management approved of the video and they’ve been getting calls from Channel 7 today re playing the song in the post-game coverage on Thursday night!

Really rapt for them.

They’ve got a song about Richo as well that they’ll release later on and it’s friggin hilarious. :slightly_smiling_face:


Give our congratulations to them - that’s a great song!

Best Essendon song since “The Best You’ve Ever Seen” by Stodgewood.


I don’t want to exagerate, but this is the best thing that I have ever seen, heard, or experienced in my life, or that I am aware of from any time in recorded history.


Don’t want to exaggerate either, but I’ll be staggered if this doesn’t win a Grammy.


Haha that was really good. Sounded like something from the 1970’s


But what is the right price?
You won’t get a 1st rounder for him and very unlikely to get a second rounder. But what is a 3rd rounder worth to us? Not much


Lol! Trade tippa.
Wash your mouth out with soap.
I agree he may need a spell to find some form, but trading him is Farcarlton/Eddie Betts type stupidity.