#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Is the Public Bar still alive up there??

IIRC, it died, got resurrected, … then up for sale, … and then died again, right??

Edit: Oh yeah, have to agree, that’s a shitt song if ever I’ve heard one, … :smirk:


Yeah I think it has died. That’s an old poster, we only play once a year or so just for laughs.


Looks like we’ve been beaten to writing a Tippa song:

Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti
a small statured bloke that’s really good at footy
something something…

There’s a reason I don’t write lyrics.


Coming ta get ya… hearing footsteps :+1:t6:


Just saw a short clip of the Tippa song a few moments ago on some Fox footy show. Sheil was also on, but l missed most of his inteview.


Oh yeah! What a fun song, brimming with energy and like Tippa, so fast!


Damn, the Tippa song is written by ‘massive carlton fans’?

I feel dirty now…


Compelling and rich


I watched the video a couple of times and I reckon it’s brilliant. My favourite moment:


There’s one blank too many in the second row…




Now the ‘Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar’ speakin of dodgy loos, still the same!


Oh yes…of course.


The first D would be filled out when the second one was

Same with the N

Factually inaccurate 0/10


And the A after buying the vowel, FFS

It was driving me up the wall, you beat me to the post, thank you


My post was neither of those things, nor for that matter, was yours. I was just surprised that the song had made its way into a mainstream footy program, and even more so that l should find it on in a hotel in Mount Gambier.



The best and the worst. Kind of sums us up in general. However, it all means nothing given it can’t take into account where the shots are taken from.


What I make from this analysis is that if you take an average of the best and worst, on average, we are OK.


What l take from that is we need to Sheil to it up Walla on a lead to take a shot on goal, and avoid the opposite happening.