#44 Shaun McKernan


Really feel for the guy. I love him as a footballer and really don’t want to see him go elsewhere.


theres a couple of people on our list that love a goal, smack and hooker, what a combination.

has to be no chance of a return this year? couldn’t even walk off.


His injury happened right in front of where I sit (albeit I’m on level two) but he pulled up badly in the first instance, couldn’t even hobble off the ground. This looks awfully like tendon damage to my untrained eye. Ambrose did some tendon damage a few weeks ago and was able to walk, slow jog off the ground, McKernan was totally different. Looks bad unfortunately. I’m with the majority here, don’t think it affects his future one way or another. I hope he stays, think he has a lot to offer but if he gets a crazy offer, can’t blame him for taking it. Hopefully this injury doesn’t hamper his pre season, people in the club say it’s the best pre season he’s done this past summer, that’s obviously lead to his form this year. IMO he should’ve been in the side from round one given his JLT & pre season form, was made to earn it and repaid the faith.


His shot on goal only just missed!!!


Poor bugger’s doing Dry July so he can’t even drown his sorrows.


I can’t remember a hamstring injury where the player couldnt move unassisted. I wouldnt be surprised if its off the bone, if it is it could be a long way back.

On a positive note, if there are any opposition list managers skulking around these parts, I hear Shaun has dodgy hamstrings, buyers beware.


It was a shocker. The moment he landed he hardly moved. Tried to get off with the assistance of one trainer but couldn’t even make it 20m before the other trainer was called out and he was carried off.

His hammy is probably floating in the back of his leg somewhere right now


If it’s off the bone, how long is he looking at? Will he get any pre-season?


they had a aflw physio on game day this morning she said 8-12 weeks.


Lloyd missed an entire season with a similar injury, was never quite the same, cost him atleast 150 goals at the end of his career.

From memory he also did it leaping for a mark.


^Yes, that is what I remembered too. Fkg bad luck for Smack


That sucks. Hopefully treatment has improved since Lloyd’s day.


Up to 10 weeks - confirmed


Sad news, very sad for Smack.



What a shame! Poor ■■■■■■■ has worked so hard for so long for his opportunity and then twang.

One thing it does do put a huge amount of uncertainty on him moving fwd so other club offers likely will be reduced.

He’s done enough to be considered our starting fwd/ruck next year I think. Sign him up.


there is now way the Dogs would be after him. Their list is chock full of big key position players that aren’t quite rucks. Hawthorn possibly, Carlton definitely. Where he ends up, if not us, probably comes down to where Lynch ends up.


Hope the club does the right thing by him and offers him a decent contract. He’s earned it this season and I dare say it will help his recovery to have some certainty around his future.



Hope to see him and red and black again next year. i would love to see him and Joey D line up round 1


See you next year Shaun, bigger and better. You’ve provided so much enjoyment this year. Looking forward to more of the same in 2019 and beyond