#44 Shaun McKernan


All things considered, no surgery required must be a win.

Que jokes about they will take conservative approach and do surgery in 10 weeks


Collingwood, already has Cox

Richmond may or may not depending on whether they want to compromise their formula for a so-so KPF

Melbourne seem to have settled on McDonald

Bulldogs have quite a few options with quite a few ???'s, perhaps they are trying to bump up his contract hoping it’ll affect our ability to chase any of their FA’s

Saints have more things to worry about than a KPF

Carlton likewise; also why would anyone want to go to that sh*tshow

Hawks might be in play depending on Lynch and Roughead, but they do have Mitch Lewis who is showing good signs


■■■■ that. Keep him. Heart soul - the passion of st tibulous


Nope. He was on a lead, took the mark out in front and a Bulldog player deliberately rode him into the ground. It happened right in front of me.


Such bad timing as he finally got a chance for a consistent run at it. Proved to be a solid option up forward and nice relief ruck work too.

I am confident the club will offer a contract but will it be enough $$, wait and see. I hope we do keep him because we don’t know how Daniher pulls up, Stewart has had set back… as has Brown. Hooker is getting older and Hurley has a track history of injury. So we need all the solid talls we can imho.

Don's season over, brother backs return > >

SHAUN McKernan’s dual premiership-winning brother Corey is tipping his resilient sibling to bounce back positively from his serious injury setback on Saturday.

The Essendon footballer was enjoying the most productive run of his decade-long career as Joe Daniher’s replacement before suffering a left hamstring strain early in the second term against Fremantle.

McKernan, 27, had a scan on Monday morning and will miss up to 10 weeks – effectively the rest of the season – but he will not require surgery.

He is out of contract, but as good as certain to remain at Tullamarine, something coach John Worsfold backed post-match at the weekend.

McKernan has played 62 games in 10 seasons in the AFL, with his 10 this year remarkably the second-highest tally of his career and his 16 goals a personal best after being the No.28 pick in 2008.

“When you play football, it’s the one thing they don’t prepare you for – all the setbacks,” former Kangaroos and Blues star Corey told AFL.com.au.

"To be brutally honest, most times there are more downs than ups. The players that have long periods in the game; you need to be very good to do that.

“Regardless of whether you’re playing every single week, or in Shaun’s case in and out or on the fringes, all you can do is prepare and give yourself the best possible chance – and you need some luck along the way.”

McKernan, a forward-ruck, hasn’t had much of that throughout his career, firstly at Adelaide and now the Bombers.

As Corey pointed out, “unfortunately Daniher’s misfortune was Shaun’s fortune”.

McKernan is Essendon’s No.1 target – ahead of Mitch Brown and Jake Stringer – since receiving his opportunity in round eight after Daniher’s groin injury a week earlier.

His 2018 averages, excluding the one-and-a-bit quarters on Saturday, are 14.1 disposals (6.3 contested), 5.8 marks (2.1 inside 50) and 1.8 goals, including two bags of four.

“It’s just purely and simply about opportunity,” Corey said of his brother’s career-best form.

“It’s not an age thing with big blokes; it’s more down to knowing you’re going to play every minute of every game, regardless of whether that’s in the ruck or forward.”

Corey also has no concerns about his sibling’s ability to continue to perform alongside Daniher next season.

“It probably suits his role. If he’s not playing forward, he’ll be in the ruck and as long as you know that’s your role, it’s fine,” he said.

“Being just a forward or just a ruckman is a dangerous position to be in as a big bloke nowadays, but Shaun’s lucky he’s got both attributes.”


they will probably take a conservative approach and do surgery in 10 weeks…


Look forward to many more screaming man celebrations in 2019


10 weeks.
Back for the Grand Final.


I stand corrected. I’ve always been irrationally outraged by those little nudges in the back and players being pushed as they mark, hamstring injuries waiting to happen.

Shame about Lloydy’s injury, he had a ripping start to the season, pardon the pun


In this case the outrage is fully justified. It was a deliberate act and an unnecessary one. It was no nudge or push, he rode him into the MCG turf, in a manner that the WWE would be proud of.


Yeah Lloyd was at full stretch on the boundary…right below me


Really have to feel for Smack. Possibly the best form of his career. I would put it out there that he had put himself into best 22 status even if JD was fit.
Here’s hoping that come season 2019 he is in even better form.


7 more days.


Non participating clubs usually get good seats


Beware the intramuscular tendon . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year SMack.

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Can’t believe how the Drs and fitness staff have mis-managed him.


IIRC when Lloydy did his, we were all pinning our hopes on Courtney Johns stepping up :roll_eyes:



still has many good years in him, and is still our 2nd best ruck and best ff on the list on form (bar maybe moustache brown)