#44 Shaun McKernan


AFL website saying that Essendon are offering him a 2 year deal until the end of 2020.


Looks like he’s good for a full preseason. Hopefully it’s the same as the last one for him. With Hooker going back he really is the best compliment to Joe in the forward line and takes the ruck chop out role. Other clubs may cool off on their offers after this but I hope we offer 2 on decent coin for him amd then he gets another 2 in the future on even better coin as the one best forward/rucks in the game.

With both he and Daniher fit we still have Brown and Stewart competing for spots. Heathy list.


Not bad for a guy on the rookie list at his age with an injury that will likely effect his future output.


Not sure why that would be the case. It’s not off the bone vis a vis Lloyd if that’s where you’re thinking.

Or if it’s because it’s an I/M Tendon injury, …


Original article
Intramuscular tendon injury is not associated with an increased hamstring reinjury rate within 12 months after return to play


TALKS were already underway for a possible two-year contract extension for Bomber Shaun McKernan before his season-ending hamstring injury at the weekend.

The versatile tall is out of contract at the end of this season and has been on one-year deals with the club since arriving at Essendon at the end of 2014.

He was also on one-year deals late in his career at Adelaide, where he was a second-round draft pick in 2008.

But McKernan was in career-best form before the injury struck against Fremantle on Saturday, and AFL.com.au understands contract discussions could see him rewarded with a stay at Essendon until the end of 2020.


Plus the other silver lining is that he’s no chance to get back this season so there is no need to try and rush him back and therefore risk re-doing it. Should be able to build back up slowly and still get a full pre-season


Hearing 2yr extension for McKernan


Significant. Research published as recently as 2 months ago now gives us confidence to sign SMack for 2 years without worrying excessively about reinjury.


I stand corrected then. I thought all ‘bad hamstrings’ were the same.


It’s no significant change of hamstring with tendon injury vs just hamstring injury

Still 19% chance of re-doing a hammie.
Even if it’s not increased over a normal hammie, it’s still a lot.
NB There’s also a good study by brukner et al (aka Melbourne based, focussed mostly on footballers) with full text available. Conclusions largely don’t agree with this one.



Are the club medicos across this? Better send them a Blitzpert to fill them in. At the same time we’d better keep it sounding risky to other clubs. No 3 year deals on $700k per year.


Yeah it’s a couple of muscles per leg (shut up Heather Mills), a tendon at each end, where they attach to the bones. Etc

Hence why they do MRIs if they suspect tendon injury. previously guys would sometimes rehab the muscle itself over 3-4 weeks, return to play, and then find out it was also the tendon.


According to Carlton’s physio they’re seeing a higher rate of tendon vs muscle belly injuries since they started introducing a lot of hamstring specific strengthening exercises (specifically Nordic curls).
Basically increasing muscular strength/durability has come at the expense of the tendon (though one could hypothesis the tendon would eventually adapt).


Now this is what I call being “Hamstring Aware”:smirk:


Wonder how much of that is only cause they MRI a lot more these days?


Hamstrings are heavily made up of tendon, blended with a bit of muscle. It isn’t like most muscles, where there’s mainly muscle with a small tendon attached to the end. If the hamstring muscle isn’t developed it will leave the tendon more open to damage.

*Second hand info from an afl physio


I’d be very glad to keep him if he’s not too expensive. Did a lot of good for us this season, to the degree he’s in contention for a starting position next year.

Gold Coast and Fremantle? Even WCE if they lost Lycett.
He’d have a few suitors if he hadn’t been injured. Maybe despite that.


Could definitely be in part due to an increased “awareness” of tendon injuries.
At Carlton at least (haven’t looked at league wide numbers) the incidences or hamstring injuries had decreased over a 4-5 year period but the games missed at remained basically unchanged ie less injuries but the ones they did get were worse


Thinking of big Shaun McKernan whose hamstring injury will probably mean the end of his season. Along with Paddy both have played important roles for us over the past 12 months in particular. Here’s to a great recovery & looking forward to seeing them back in red & black v soon. pic.twitter.com/XxmMVLm6aL

— Xavier Campbell (@xaviercampbell) July 23, 2018


One could also hypothesise that Fark Carlton are a bunch of soft, weak, useless ■■■■■ who overstate injuries to fark over their opponents and therefore regard any data they produce as skewed.