#44 Shaun McKernan



Maybe not worse, just managed better?


Possibly, although looking outside Carlton then Ambrose, McKernan and Treloar certainly add some weight to the “more serious injuries argument”
As HAP mentioned before as well, there might be more awareness of tendon injuries than in the past which would automatically equate to a larger number of games missed per incidence.


In a roundabout way, that was what I was alluding to. They now regularly scan the hamstring and we are seeing an increased detection of tendon injuries. There may not be any more of these than there were say 10 years ago, just that we recognise the issue now and treat accordingly, meaning more time on the sidelines, with less recurrence.


We will sign him for 2 years where he’ll spend 85% of the time in the VFL and WE WILL LIKE IT


Jon ‘make up some guff’ Ralph has gone with him being unhappy at our offer.


maybe he should be unhappy with his entire career of mediocrity until a 4 week patch this year?


Prefer Brown, Joe combo anyways


Shaun just typifies the year we have had. For three years the guy shows tantalising glimpses. But fails with consistency.
Gets his chance. Shines!! Then is cut down by injury.
For Gods Sake!!


Not saying the report is true, but fk me if he wouldn’t be on a list if we hadn’t taken a chance on him, and then kept him beyond expiry.


If he’s not happy he can fk off. We owe him nothing.


The serious hammy did him over

But he is IMO vital for us next year


Then we will trade him to whoever he wants, yeah he had a god patch, but he very likely to revert to his average self.

I reackon Carlton would be sniffing, bigger $ and a longer contract, I’d take the second round pick and move on.


Yeah I bet the coaches don’t.


Meh. He tries his guts out and would like him to stay but gee whiz I hope we have moved on from being upset when a player like McKernan wants to leave


Oh well if Jon Ralph said it…

Fark off Smack, we hated you anyway.


He’ll take whatever he’s offered at the end of the day. A handful of good games doesn’t make him a best 22 key forward.


What has he done to deserve more than what we have offered?

I don’t mind if he doesn’t like his pay, and he is free to go if someone gives him something better, but not really sure he is worth a huge amount. I will be happy if he stays, I like him, but I won’t be heartbroken if he ends up leaving.


If I was him I would bite the hand off anyone who is offering the most money.

He’s literally just pulled his career out of the clouds with that 2 month stint in the seniors, he needs to milk that to the max.

Wouldn’t blame him in the slightest for taking the best offer.


If we need this man next year to make top 4 then GOOD GRIEF. He had one good month.