#44 Shaun McKernan


Should net a 2nd rounder if wanted by another club. Deserves the coin if anyone is offering and just like Polec should take it.
We need another ruck if he does leave though, maybe we should sign him the going rate as there isn’t many better 2nd ruck/ key forwards out there.


He has grunt and intermitent brilliance
We have no other second ruck
Was very stiff not getting a game
Gives us options


He has potential and was just hitting hi straps when did his hammy.

If what Ralph says is true then he makes a space for someone else if he wants to go.


That’s true, however I missed who said it initially

When has that ever happened?


If, what is said is true… the question for Smack is ‘do you want a flag or the money’


Exactly. I find it interesting that at Richmond, even Geelong, players take pay cuts in order to allow for their team mates to stay. Therefore allowing the club to retain the majority of their good players - Riewoldt new contract is less than what he’s earning now, same with Rance. Guessing Cotchin too.

And we have Mckernan who has put together a decent patch of form after years on our list, wanting more money.

If that’s the case, move him on.


With Daniher coming back to pinch hit in the tuck to rest Bellcho I’m not sure where he sits but he definitely should have played earlier in the year, as with Francis


Trade him now while his value is as high as its going to get. Yes I’d love to see him stay but realistically its not likely he & JD will work well together & we need to have a better midfield 1st & foremost. GC will desperately need a mature bodied forward & still have some mid talent we need.


I think there is no trade value as he is uncontracted, after this year. I could be wrong.


He’s not a free agent so there is value - they have to trade for him or he potentially walks into the draft.


Was he on the ‘rookie’ or main list this year?


Seriously, the blokes been on minimum wage for ages. Finally, shows his promise and is deserving of a decent pay rise. Essendon are better for him being in the team with his flexibility, x-factor, and grunt. Just pay him his $350K and 2 years FFS!


At the cost of fitting in another player through trade?


How much money do you reckon he’s on now?

The absolute bare minimum an AFL footballer his age can earn, I reckon.

If he wants more money, I doubt he’s asking for like 500k a year. Just maybe a wage comparable with what we’ve paid a guy like Jackson Merrett to do fark all.


If he leaves we have to bring in a mature ruck (assuming Luey retires). He gives us very good flexibility and would be in my starting team next year. He deserves two years imo.


What would we be paying Jackson Merrett?


I honestly have no idea.

I’m willing to bet it’s a decent whack more than we’re paying McKernan, though.


I’m not convinced Joey’s going to get through next season injury free. I’d be looking to try to keep Mckernan.


If he just wants to be paid more than a rookie etc fair enough. If he’s asking $300k or higher, not so much.


That’s scary to even think about.