#44 Shaun McKernan



Without knowing a single thing about the offer, it’s hard to say much.

Maybe he does want 500k? Maybe we low-balled the fark out of him? Maybe Ralph is full of sh*t?


The type of thinking to trade him or let him go is why we are not a successful club any longer

Smack is by no means a cheapen but his contribution particularly in the Geelong game which we had to win was far better than many other players who have been getting a game on and off over the years

Apert from Stringer and tbc he is the only player going in Showing a bit of hardness and backing up i his teammates

Just pay him the money


Not if it’s overs and will cost us landing some quality mid field talent or retaining some of our up and coming players.

He did well this season, pleased for him. He’s had years to prove himself. Let him show he can do it consistently before paying him big money (if that’s what he’s asking)


He will be axed end of year


Joe is a better second ruck and I think he plays better when he is required to play up the field at times. So I’m not concerned about ruck coverage.

He had a good month no doubt, but that’s after ten years or ■■■■ performance and glimpses of talent. It’s not a reason to sign a guy in a big long term contract.

I think brown is a much harder endurance worker and offers a different but effective alternative. Stewart has enough upside and age on his side to warrant persisting with. Teams are requiring less KPP and more mobile forwards these days, with reduced rotations this could be more next year.

I’d have no issues flogging him to GCS, Carlton or any other side who wants a inconsistent mature KPF. I’d be looking for a second rounder or pick upgrade like trade.


Here’s hoping someone like Carlton offers him something obscene like 400k x 2-3 years so they can’t justify not giving us a pick in the 30s.


I still don’t think hes done enough to warrant being on more than a rookies wage, i’d even argue he should’ve been delisted 2 years ago.


I’d love to hear that argument.


that ruck game against goldstein in 2015. never seen a ruck give away that many frees.


That’s not an argument.

That’s an ancedote.

Granted, a tragic one.


that was the game he went into my cannon.


You were probably in prep, so don’t remember this, but David Hille once got destroyed in a last quarter by Jeff White, much worse than McKernan did by Goldy. It was early days for Hille, but White friggin humiliated him. (He was spiking it out of the ruck to almost CHF every centre bounce. Hille couldn’t get near it.)

Not saying the two players are comparable, but my point is you can move onwards and upwards from a humiliation.


Promoted to the main list is my understanding. He can walk into the draft but not a free agent unless we delist him. We traded Jenkins from the rookie list.


Was hile another teams reject? A team that no one related to that club cares about what he currently does?


They certainly are two very important considerations.


I wanna see what he can do with Joe in the team.

I’d re-sign him on what he wants as long as it doesn’t affect our ability to explore the trade/FA market.


On the 2nd best key back?

Yes, I’m curious if he can build or maintain the level he displayed this yr.

Was brilliant at times for much longer than before, with less brain fades.




Barnz on James hird in 1993: “id argue he shouldve been delisted 2 years ago”

Why does 2 years ago matter, when you’ve been good this year?


He’d get the gorilla defender. Joe usually gets the most mobile tall.

I like his mongrel, something our forwardline and team needs more of.