#44 Shaun McKernan


why you talking about 1993 when all that matters is the LaSt NiNe GaMeS


If he wants 350k he can get it somewhere else thanks.
Way overs.


At his career point, probably the money.


Yeah, thought that after I posted. Probably the $250-$300 range


350k lol


Yeah, I think so too


Yeah agree. With Lobb hating doing ruck work I wonder if GWS would be interested?
I realistically think $200-250k is the absolute max we should be offering him


Yep. I’ve got him in the 180 - 240k range.


Anyone thinking we’d get a second rounder for Smack are dreaming. He’s played a good two months in ten years, is pretty old, and is a rookie. And can you honestly see the club standing in his way after 3 years of service on minimum chips?

Stewart cost us #78. Jenkins got us a third round pick upgrade. Smack would have little value.


He’s basically best 22 fwd/ruck pumping out numbers equivalent to Jenkins who is on $800k

$300k/yr is what he should be on easily. Average salary of AFL players is that IIRC


From what he displayed this year he’s very important to us in 2019 with joey back and the likely rule changes favouring forwards of his type. Our realistic finals hopes went down when he did, we’ve missed a strong kpp type of late. Easily worth the average wage for 2 years


I can’t believe people are seriously arguing about his contract value, while having absolutely no idea what he’s been offered and how it differs to what he wants.

Some are arguing over sub 100k contracts, some 500k plus and of course many just assume that whatever he’s been offered is an insult regardless of what it is, because they like to crap on the club for any decision at any available opportunity


I think he should be offered donuts.

Not nothing.
I think he should be offered a reasonable contract, but with literal donuts as a sweetener.*
I’d sign.



What sort of donuts? Jam,cinnamon or iced?


You cant be serious wanting to rely on Brown


Caramel custard.


Pfft…iced…with jam.


He is more consistent the McKernan


He’s done it for all of 30 seconds.
And his history says he will not keep it up.
Do it consistently next year and he can have a better contract.
This time all he’s done is earn himself a reprieve from delisting.


You really don’t like the bloke, do you? You keep referencing the past but on the evidence of this year the penny has dropped and he’s finally delivering on his potential