#44 Shaun McKernan


He’s just hoping we aren’t out laying big bucks to keep McKernan so we have more cash to splash at Shiel Gaff and Setterfield.


If Jenkins is on $800,000 then Eddie should be on $2,000,000


Why not 240k with a performance based component that gets him to 300+k if achieved?


It’s got nothing to do with whether I like him or not.
He needs to prove things have changed.
A couple of months of good footy, after 10 years of not even achieving mediocrity, is not proof of anything.
I’d like him to kick on, because we would be a better side with him, as he played in that couple of months, in it.
But I’m not paying good money got someone who hasn’t proven they are worth it.


Yep. That would be something to consider.
And if he delivers next year he can renegotiate.


Surely Joe The Goose isn’t on $800k?


Geez you are being a bit harsh on McKernan here. I’m not sure you can compare a guy who has been on the rookie list the past few years earning around $100K at most with players who have been on $600k a year for the past few years who agree not to get their next increase of forgoing their bonus.

Maybe some of our overpaid ‘superstars’ should sacrifice a few grand for him for the good of the team.


From what I’ve heard, Daniher did take a fair bit less than what he could have got from other clubs during his last contract negotiation.


McKernan kicked more goals than joey this year so killing it on the $/goal ratio.


I could totally see Smack taking out an opposition player in a final, accidentally or intentionally. We need players like that, who live on the edge with nothing to lose.


Jenkins had never played a game and was behind 3 other rucks. And you know that. Don’t be stupid.


Just because you are on the rookie list doesn’t mean you are on minimum wage.


really? what have his stats been the last 3 weeks
I mean goals behinds
marks tackles etc?

He was doing ok but sadly dropped off


The point was it should be the players on the big salaries making the sacrifices not the players on the lowest.


the 2018 ones are better


I don’t think we can afford to play Myers and SMcK in the same team and particularly, when they are off their game. Smack was playing well until he was injured and Myers is having a good patch too.

But when they are hot they’re hot and when they’re not, they’re not.


Myers and Smack can’t be played in the same team?? That’s a strange thought.


I could see him taking out a key Bombers player in a final accidentally. I could also see him taking Mark of the year and then kicking the ball across goal and turning it over.

Super talent but footy IQ is just not there. He is a back up and you need depth but let’s not overstate him.


Best 22 for me personally, he is a game changing FF/R; he can swing a game in either direction and he compliments Joe and Jake better than either Brown or Stewart do currently. He also allows Hooker to play down back, which is another bonus.


When they have an off day together. Context that’s the important bit.