#44 Shaun McKernan


Joe, Smack, Raz, Tippa, Stringer, Baggers forwardline is all kinds of crazy fun


Any best 22 player would get better offers from clubs than what they currently get… hard to find ones like Joey especially. Just the nature of the marketplace.


Clearly they are the same person.


Um, so? I was discussing what his value would be. Jenkins won our goal kicking in the VFL, was younger than McKernan, and got us very little. Do you really think a single stretch of games in his 10th year has elevated McKernan’s trade value from bumpkus into second pick range like those I was replying to were saying?

Jenkins would have been seen as having far more potential than Smack has now, and went for a bag of chips.


It’s the age old question when does depth become list clogging and vica versa? If we were to retain him (and on realistic/reasonable coin) what would the opportunity cost be? Would we fit a future superstar into the team or would draft someone who never makes it?

Ahhh, my kingdom for a working crystal ball!!!.


If he were a stock on the market, he would be the most obviously tradeable entity we have. He meandered along for years and has now elevated his ceiling, at least on perception. His price may not get higher than it is now. But if past performance is an indicator or future performance, then his price may plummet again. He could actually represent our best way of getting another second rounder.


Jenkins was traded for a pick upgrade, IIRC pick 41 to 31 which was used on Jackson Merrett…

Just on McKernan, I understand he has been offered an incentive based contract, around 200k with performance criteria built in to boost salary and tenure.


Except a 2nd rounder would not get us an experienced physically mature player who contests very strongly and could hold down fwd/ruck spot and kick his 2+ goals a game.

If we were in rebuilding phase maybe but not when we clearly loading up to have a crack next year.

I’ll be fkn dirty if we lose him via low balling when he would be best 22 for us next year IMO

If he has a decent base with incentives for games played & potential for triggering an extra year he has to just back himself in.

If it’s $200k + $5k/game its prob not enough but who knows what else has come his way from other clubs. The serious hammy far from ideal for him.


Sounds fair and sensible, especially if he gets decent bonuses if he can hold his place in the 1’s and kick goals.

I agree with @sj_2150 If we can get the ball into the forwards in 2019, it could be a real party with JD, Smack, Stringer, Raz, Walla Bags/Fridge/Smith etc.

The celebrations will be something else, with a couple of cameo’s from CHooker too.


That’s waaaaay unders given the average AFL salary is $350K or thereabouts. Wouldn’t blame him leaving for better terms…


That seems to be a fair offer for mine.


Sounds spot on.

He had a good year, but he’s still backup and it remains to be seen how well he’ll fit with Joey in the team.


It all depends. If he plays the next few years at 2018 levels, he’s best 22 and a big addition to the side. If he returns to his old performance levels, he’s depth only and shouldn’t be on more than minimum wages.


Yep 2nd KPP is up for grabs out of Smack, Brown and Stewart.

No reason Smack can’t be best 22 next year.


A club would have to be desperate to spend a second rounder on McKernan. It’s not going to happen


What’s the AFL median though?


Carlton are desperate.





Fark Carlton are ■■■■.



It could be a significant development that the AFL are considering giving out priority picks which are conditional on being used for trading for mature players, and not for elite 18yo’s.


My understanding is that the picks are to be used for State league mature agers not ones already in the system