#44 Shaun McKernan


Smack is out of contract I guess. So can he put himself into the draft if he wants to maybe get more money ?


no, he’ll just get picked up as a free agent if a trade isn’t done.


I’d offer him a $350K base (guaranteed AFL average salary) with the ability, if he performs to his 2018 levels, to earn $500K, which to me is fair enough. If he plays to that level for 20+ games he is well and truly worth it. Clearly the club want to keep him, but only for the right price. I would sign him to those terms, 2 years with a 3rd year option based on games played.


Not a chance of the happening.
Way, way over his value.


$250k max with $100k incentives would be my final offer


He’s been so incredibly inconsistent across his whole career. It’s hard to trust that he can keep the same form going in 2019.


we need walrock paul’s extending neck gif, with dollar signs transposed on it.


Yep, that’s about right imo.


Can you be my manager?


I think the AFL are considering both (Hocking was on the radio talking about on Saturday).

In the first example the priority pick must be traded prior to the draft for a player, so that the team can bring in an established player to improve their best 22 immediately rather than draft an 18 year old and have to wait 3 years for them to develop.


I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. He had an excellent trot this year but even within an individual game he would go from monstering backmen to complete brain fades to being completely ineffectual. At his best you would think that a Daniher/Stringer/Smack forward line would be fairly formidable. But you could find at the same time he fails to get a game for large patches of the year.


Before Essendon let him go I hope they’re confident that:
a) Daniher will recover completely
b) Stewart will regain confidence and form
c) Brown will continue to improve
We started the year convinced that Daniher, Hooker and Stewart were going to be the greatest forward combo in the league. It didn’t end well.


IMO I would keep McKernan over Stewart every time. One is a competitive beast with a dash of mongrel - the other isn’t.


I think C is pretty optimistic. Mitch has been around for a while now.

And Stewart needs to regain his form, but he will also need to improve to get a spot in my opinion.


Exactly why I’m nervous about letting Smack go.


I See Mckernan, Brown and Daniher as the best 3 tall forwards. Stringer spending 60-70% midfield next season with bigger tank and huge offseason.


Yes, I bang on about the new/improved McKernan but there’s a few who continue to doubt his consistency and, it seems, value to the team.

Remember how he monstered teams in the AFLX earlier in the year. That style of game suits him to a tee and guess what!? That’s how the AFL will have the game played next year.

Remember preseason when Essendon were getting monstered by Richmond and he was the only bloke flying the flag with contested marking and aggression (he can play footy 2018 style as well!)

Then, during the season proper after literally banging on Worsfold’s door he gets his chance and performs at a consistently high standard. His aggression, x-factor and game turning ability make him best 22 every day of the year. Just pay him his $300, 2 years and reward what he’s done to turn his career around.


Agreed. I’d be very very surprised if we let him go.

Mind you, the lad has every right to try and eek out every $ he can from this contract. It’s been a long long journey for him, and often not easy. I hope it works out for all of us.


There is another factor at play here, one not mentioned thus far. The hamstring injury was a serious one and we have no way of knowing if there will be any longer term effects as a result. Lloyd was never quite the same player after his similar injury.


Lloyds was tendon related so very different IIRC, as in off the bone type. Smack was just a bad mid hammy. And no surgery needed.

Still an unknown but far more confidence in recovery than Lloyd’s