#44 Shaun McKernan


There is a lot out glass half full in here. Smack played a few good games. Making him best 22 is a huge heap. The hype didn’t match the output.


I have no doubt about all the items you have put forward. Certainly he has all the attributes. When he is on song he is hard to counter. His 2018 highlights real will look great and I would think he will actually get Brownlow votes for the Geelong game. I do think his injury hurt us in these last games against Hawthorn and Richmond.
I dunno, I would be delighted but not surprised if he went gangbusters in 2019. At the same time I will be disappointed but not surprised if he struggled to get regular games.


in 2018 he was our second best forward on goals output behind Stringer.
Both kicking 1.6 goals per game on average over the year.

He has shaded Stewart 1.4 goals per game and Brown 1.2 goals per game.
Plus he was also spending some time rucking. They are his competition for a spot.

Injured Joey D averaged 1.1 goals per game.

Also Baguley avg 1 goal per game only just behind tippa 1.1 goals per game.
Compared to 2017 - Tippa, Daniher, Fantasia were all down on output.
Hooker also averaged 2 goals per game…but I think he will be used as a defender and swingman rather than as a stay at home forward in 2019.


1.6 goals a game in a career best year. That is the selling point.



Kicked 16 goals in 10 games with 2 bags of 4. Leaving 8 goals for the other 8 games.
It’s hardly ground breaking. Brown kicked 15 in 13 games, and the first 3 at least were played down back. So it’s similar.

If it means getting a better player into the side through trade then I’m happy for him to leave for a better contract.


Until round 1 amirite?

Hang on a minute… I play the positive role, that’s right.


Stewart isnt a key position player. He is the leagues tallest half forward flanker


Smack has done everything asked of him in 2018. He had an excellent pre-season, getting himself really fit, watched his diet, cut out the drink. His performances this year, particularly when he took over the CHF position were admirable. He is too good a player to be allowed to leave for another club. Woosha has said effort will be rewarded. Now is the time to be rewarding a player who has had a very successful season. A good pay rise and a two year contract on the senior list would not go amiss for Smack.


They are lowballing Smack. Give him a solid 2 year deal.


So if he gets brought back onto the senior list from the rookie list who would you remove for him.



There are probably others. Thats just the off the top of my head


will resign with efc
incentive based contract


i reckon that if clarko was coach he could teach stewart to play the same role as Gunston


None of those are like for like.

But ok. Say he comes onto the list for Goddard.

How much do you pay him. Hypothetically if Goddard was on 500-600k more than McKernan would you use this on an A grade midfielder or halve it & increase McKernans wage.


Resign / re-sign…

I hope you meant the 2nd one.


Re- sign


H erald Sun says hes resigning for 2 yrs after 200k offer has been improved.

Im calling him Rocky.

Bloke just keeps getting back up!!
Hats off, was brilliant at times this yr.


… and so he should have held out for a better deal.


We are hoping JoeyD comes back all good in 2019. But if continues to struggle with injury then McKernan showed he can provide a strong forward option. I like his hard attack on the ball - has a good beast mode.


Well done SMACK.

I hope contract includes a clause that he must play in either Beast or Angry mode.

Either mode activated makes him unstoppable.