#44 Shaun McKernan


To give McKernan a bit more credit, he didn’t drop his head and brought a fair bit of passion to his game at VFL level. Also, he allowed us to have a similar forward set up as JoeD/Hooker in the VFL with McKernan/Stewart although the lack of any run around them was fairly evident.


He has earned this through determination to success and hard work. They guy is prepared to just plug away until it happens. Makes no bones about it in the way he goes about it, he loves this club.


A great contributor whether in the vfl or when he gets a chance in the seniors.
IMO he was fairly harshly dropped after the Sydney game in 2017 after playing pretty well, and didn’t sook, going back to the vfl and showing what he can do.
Sure he has been inconsistent over his time with us, but most KP forwards are to some extent.
He more than deserves a decent contract.


Incorrect. Mason Cox is the tallest HFF’er.


The most impressive thing about Smack is he came in as a backup Ruckman and has managed to reinvent himself as a very useful forward.

I wish him all the best.


Would love to see us play smack out of the square and joey at chf

Important to remember that his good form this year was playing as no.1 forward… with joey up there as well he should only improve


Is a very clever player if he can keep the switch on, love having him at our club, gives us such flexibility.


He’s a great reserve. If all goes well for us next year he should being stuck in the VFL for the entire season.


He is in my starting forwardline

Daniher, McKernan and Stringer

Stewart will be close to come in as well.


I don’t prefer that setup.

Daniher Stringer Stewart
Tippa Baggs Fantasia

Daniher is the lead up high marking forward who can move up the ground and fill in for the ruck. He’s better than Smack.

Stinger can lead up and take contested marks. and has a touch of the spectacular. He’s better than smack too.

Stewart will run his opponent off his feet and move up the ground to create space. He’s a great kick when kicking to players. His run is better than Smacks.

McKernan is good, but for the role these three above play, and the strengths they bring are more important in our side and structure than Shaun.


Except McKernan is the only one at AFL level who doesn’t get pushed around in the contest by the stronger kpd’s

Woosh has openly said prefer not to play JD in ruck and based on this years woe’s they will not be doing so next year. Smack it is.

Stewart will be waiting for opportunity behind either JD or Smack IMO


Stringer gets pushed around does he?

Joey is not a push and shove forward, and neither is Jimmy Stewart. I don’t want either to play that game. Joey and James are leading players who can run and present but get up the ground when required. We shouldn’t be bombing in the forward line to contests anyway. Any side that is reduced to that loses every time.


Stringer isn’t playing against the bigger kpd’rs nor is he a good contested mark

Taking that mark or ensuring bringing the ball to ground the key

Stringer also is playing 3rd and effectively pushing up into midfield regularly so not the one down the line having ball kicked to


Always seems to me that Joe plays his best footy when he gets a bit of a run in the ruck though.


Yep. 5 - 10 minutes gets him going and helps his contested play when he’s struggling from time to time. Plus, he’s pretty good in there as well.



Jake does not “push” up into the midfield. He is either down forward or he gets permanent runs in the midfield from time to time when the ball is not getting down forward or he needs some reprieve from forward play to get him going.

Stewart pushes up the ground, Joey has the ability to push up the ground as well, but Jake you will never see leading up and past the 50. He leads from the goalsquare. I think he does command bigger KPD’s due to his strength. He would destroy a small backman as he is too strong and 192cm.


When we were running Smack, Brown & Stringer that’s exactly what he was doing.

Was often the extra up at the contest

Later in the year not so much when we only had two tall structure after Smack got injured. Stringer was deep fwd or pinch hitting in ruck.


Fair enough. I didn’t see that. I saw him leading to the pocket a lot which was infuriating. He does venture out the 50 to take a handpass and ping at goal :rofl:

Anyway, Jake and Joey are locks for our forward line for mine and AA standard - guns. I like what Stewart brings and hope he is a big part of our future because his runing is elite which will always command attention from the opposition as he is too dangerous to let roam around by himself.


I think he is a late maturer.


He should be played at chf