#44 Shaun McKernan


I know the talk is he’s close to signing, but the longer it drags on the more concerning that he may request a trade.

At 28, he’s wasted a lot of earning years and I certainly wouldn’t besmirch him for securing his future with a 3 year contract elsewhere. It’s be hard to turn down what essentially will be your final contract.


True about the $$$ and you can’t be critical of someone like Smack given his journey. So $$& will be impt. Just as important will be opportunity to play week in week out in the seniors. If another club gives him a better chance at that then that has to be tempting.


He’s signed up!






neck minute:



Hello, Shaun.


Our forward lines going to be bananas. stoked to have him sign


whenever i see smacks arms, all I see is this:


Hard work pays off. Very happy for him getting 2 years.


Important player. If he becomes depth we’re going well.


Well done to SMACK. At his best he is unstoppable.





Best news!!!

So pleased he chose to stay and back himself in.


Jackets work rate hits career high, signing players up big time.

Average goals of 1.6 per game, is better than any other Essendon forward in 2018 . Offers far better ruck backup than Jakey which is an important factor in potentially getting the best out of Tommy.

Persistence of Shaun and the club are to be admired.


Started out as depth, but by late this year looked like he was becoming integral to our structure, could be very important next year. Particularly for Belch & JD’s roles.

4 years on the rookie list, hard work & commitment rewarded, great to see.


I see smack as insurance if stewart doesnt come on.

2 years is ok, but I hope he isnt on big dosh


You are a miserable SOB. Take a moment to back the big fella in. And be happy for a bloke that has spent his whole career not getting those big payouts. All the best to him.


At the end of 2015 after his strong finish to the year I was surprised he only got a 1 year contract.

At the end of 2016 I was surprised he got another contract.

At the end of 2017 I was shocked he got another contract.

Now i’m glad he got another contract and it’s for 2 years.

Not sure what to make of this