#44 Shaun McKernan


I reckon Stewart is behind Smack and Brown at the moment so he needs a big pre-season.

Still find it odd that Brown hasn’t re-signed yet


eh? im happy for him but I just aint expecting him to come in and dominate at all… I think he is great insurance


Best celebrations for goal in the club.


Stewart has more talent so if they can beat some mongerel in to him we’re on a winner. Absolute luxury to have smack.


Im not entirely sure I agree with that, I reckon Smack has more natural talent but not the mentality to realise it.

I think Stewart has less to fix up than Smack, but if either of them can really stamp out their flaws theyll both be very good players.


I’d just like to mention how much of a tease the EFC app is: the notification text is always just vague enough to ensure the “touch through”.

e.g. it’ll be “forward signs on” or “young gun injury setback”. The email headings are almost always more transparent, naming the person involved.


Deserves it. Hope he makes the most of it amd works even harder to get the best out himself.

JoeyD, Hooker, Brown, Smack and Stewart. That’s very good big man forward depth.
And Stringer to boot.


I’m probably saying smack is the finished product and Stewart has a decent ceiling. And I recon it’s the other way round regarding the mentality, smack gives the impression of the battler scraping for each contract whilst Stewart is frustratingly laconic.
Go woosh.


I love watching Smack. I’m not even sure why. He’s like a trash or treasure stall; never quite sure what you’ll end up with. The trash can be lamentable, but the treasure, ooh boy, it’s unbelievably good! Glad he’s signed - I like trash and treasure stalls.


If he was 5 cm taller it would be handy. Sort of similar to Corey but with less fark Carlton.


Don’t stick your neck out there.


This is clearly an AFL thing. The AFL app will never tell you anything until you through


Good news

Not many left to go.


Interestingly the 2 years takes him past the 3 years allowable on the (completely redundant) rookie list.

He’ll be upgraded back to the senior list either this year or next I’d suggest.


According to AFL Media he has been upgraded to the senior list.


Yeah surely the 2 years is a full contract no longer rookie.


Cheers gents.


We have a VFL’er who has a neck to rival Smack’s…

Incidently - Sibbald is tempting as a rookie…


Yep! Edyn is a very promising type. Loved his game particularly in the Elimination Final.


This is good news indeed. We can certainly do with Smack’s enthusiasm and aggressive attitude. As long as he sticks to doing the difficult, which he’s good at, and eschews the easy, which he’s not good at…