#44 Shaun McKernan


All credit to Smack for never giving up when most would fold.

Will be a valuable contributor at both levels and could become one of those fairytale stories who plays in a premiership.


great stuff, a contract well and truly earned. Onya Smack!


The others players call him 'horse ’

Hmmm, I wonder why?


Great news. At 28 he is just coming into his prime. Not afraid of the hard work required. He knows what levels he needs to get to, and will train the house down. Ripping move to sign him up now. All tall forward stocks are going through the roof. A fitting reward for his efforts this season. Woohoo.




Great news, definitely one of our better goal kickers



Not John Longmire’s massive ■■■■ - horse


Always had all the tools, may have found the temperament. Would play him as a stay at home fwd and let Joey roam around where he wants… up on a wing and pumping it long into 50 all day… Raz and Tippa winning foot races into Wooshas Ward…

God that sounded lame… Friday beers must be kicking in.


Was Essendon best player in the two pre season games and didn’t get a look in to Neeld was shown the door. Well deserved by Smack .



I’m not super confident given his inconsistency issues of the past, but I really really really hope he can return from his hamstring injury and recapture this years form because it could be HUGE for the team. A fit and firing McKernan brings so much value and balance to the team:

  • A strong marking strong bodied tall forward to partner JD and bring the smalls into the game with his high ball contests…something Stewart and Stringer can’t really do.
  • Allows Hooker to dominate down back - we’ve already seen how this lifts the entire backline.
  • Offers the team a genuine 2nd ruck to give Bellchambers a chop out at times, or provide injury cover to avoid Stringer/Stewart/JD going in there. Despite him being a pretty average tap ruckman, McKernan can actually be quite dynamic at the clearances and around the ground.
  • Fairly reliable set shot
  • Last but not least - he’s got some serious aggression and kunt about him! Stands up for teammates, hits blokes and can really lift the team with his passion. A real barometer.

I repeat. I really really want him recapture his form next year. When he’s firing, he’s such a great player to watch!


He had an above average last half of the year granted, with his 3 good games making up for his mostly average games otherwise as key forward. His career so far has been sporadic with a few good games mixed in with many mediocre and disappointing. I would have given him one year, but happy for him to have two years as the reward outweighs the low risk, as at worst he’s a capable backup forward/ruck key position depth as opposed to an untried draftee in a time were we want to win a premiership. I don’t think he’ll make it but happy to have him in depth for a few years.


Coach John Worsfold said McKernan’s ability to play both as a strong marking forward and spend time in the ruck made him a valuable asset.

“His attitude and work ethic are outstanding and make him a well-respected member of this team,” Worsfold said.

“We are extremely happy to see Shaun fulfilling his potential and we believe he will be an important part of our team in the future.”


In an era when AFL is increasingly cut throat, he’s an amazing survivor.

Hopefully he can be part of some success over the next 2 years.


Just tell him if he gets the ball anywhere within 60m of goal, just go for goal. Don’t ever think about passing it off because he always ■■■■■ it up


This probably says he has had success, only relatively few people stay on an afl list as he has.

Good luck for 2019, hope he is part of team success


I’m very happy he’s signed. He’s capable of freakish things and he has real passion and guts. The team is better when he’s in it.


I bet he spends 80% of the next 2 years in the VFL.


Surprised, shocked, don’t know. At least you know where you are.


He will be fine by the preseason. It was a bad hammy, but not Lloyd off the bone bad.