#44 Shaun McKernan


Love Brayshaws mckernaaan call vs north


The Smackage


Bet he doesn’t - had three other AFL clubs chasing him.

I’m guessing he only signed on as he was guaranteed senior game time at Essendon.

He finally learnt how to play FF/relief ruck successfully this year and those type of players are gold.

Allows Hooker to play FB and Daniher to play CHF where he is better suited.


Nothing says good video more than putting huge red text covering the screen.


Yep. We apparently aren’t impressed with the small ball revolution. We want multiple marking targets up forward which means he’s going to get games unless his form really drops off a cliff.


I should have mentioned that I like him and always have.


He loves a vote does Shaun. Great tweet.


Hooker had him covered



Mcnernan will continue to be one of our more important players in 2019. JD is an unknown prospect going into the season, and Shaun will once again get the no1 KPD. if he holds his own, it prevents doubling up on Hooker. also good for some ruck relief so provides alot. much more upside than Brown or Stewart IMO.
the spot is now his- to either lose or to take his career to the next level - it’s all between his ears (and bw shoulders to chin…


Gees his marking is so solid just takes it so clean, is on par with Hooker


He’s a good mark but no way is he on par with Hooker


All he needs to do is maintain that 2018 form/fitness, and along with a fit JD, a bussling Stringer, and a sprinkling of dangerous small forwards.

Opposition key defences will be spread very thin, and our smalls will run riot.

fken pumped.


He did a sever hamstring, out for 10 weeks and tendon damage.

Think he needs to do more than “maintain fitness”, he will need to do a lot just to regain that fitness.


Great highlights!

I really hope he can recapture that form because he’s an absolute freak when he’s on. The potential is there for him to be a lethal forward/ruckman for us. We finally saw his consistently great form up forward this year but people often forget his awesome 2015 in the ruck where got top 10 in the B&F from only 9 games! Some amazing around the ground marking, ruck and clearance work in these highlights -


It really is a ripping highlights package.

Soft hands. Good vision. Great marks. Snap goals.

You’d never guess from that package how frustratong he has been at times to watch (not this year tho)


If he can keep up his 2018 form he is the best option for a backup ruck/forward. His biggest advantage is that he is a very mobile and agile tall.
Along with Langford he also got some confidence from continuity of games.
The thing he needs to work on is his decision making. In the game against North he takes an absolute screamer, plays on and kicks to ball directly to a North defender.


Blitz and Essendon is a better place in so many weird and wonderful ways for McNernan. I hope he can recapture his form post Sx in 2019 and work in tandom with JD.


Gonna be a glorious Saturday evening one day soon when we get to witness this guy roaring like King-kong on the dais with that premiership medal draped around his gigantic neck.


Not this year? Mate, sometimes he was exhilarating and frustrating in the same piece of play!