#44 Shaun McKernan


Love Brayshaws mckernaaan call vs north


The Smackage


Bet he doesn’t - had three other AFL clubs chasing him.

I’m guessing he only signed on as he was guaranteed senior game time at Essendon.

He finally learnt how to play FF/relief ruck successfully this year and those type of players are gold.

Allows Hooker to play FB and Daniher to play CHF where he is better suited.


Nothing says good video more than putting huge red text covering the screen.


Yep. We apparently aren’t impressed with the small ball revolution. We want multiple marking targets up forward which means he’s going to get games unless his form really drops off a cliff.


I should have mentioned that I like him and always have.


He loves a vote does Shaun. Great tweet.


Hooker had him covered