#44 Shaun McKernan


IMO his enigmatisms are less of a handicap when he’s plonked deep forward as well.
ie the half dozen ridiculously good things he does a game outweighs the half dozen ridiculously not so good things. If he was playing full back (as an example) he’d probably cost us six goals a game


That, and he should be told to kick for goal more. Less thinking than when he tries to spot someone up.


I fkg love him. He’s easily beat 22 for mine. He’s A angry, enigmatic cult figure who is a cross of a Brownlow medallist and ty zantuck all in one game


It’s not a coincidence that our forwardline structure significantly improved when McKernan came in for Stewart.

McKernan likes to stay close to goals. Which means the forwardline don’t get sucked up the ground.
When your main key forward starts wondering out of position, the rest of the forwardline follow him. Everything focuses around the key forward. All the crumbers follow him. In many ways the main key forward is the most import player on the ground.

Having McKernan play from the goal square as the deep key forward. He’s able to hit the contest hard, bring the ball to ground, and crunch the spareman that comes across. I don’t think we have anyone else on the list that can do that.

Then we’re able to have Daniher as the traditional Centre Half Forward. We need to get the ball in his hands as much as possible, especially in the centre square area… then let him wheel around and kick long.

IMO you let Stringer do what he wants in the forward 50. Let him cause plenty of headaches. I think he could develop a great working relationship with McKernan inside forward 50. If McKernan can hold off the spareman, and allow Stringer to take uncontested marks. We will have a very good forwardline.


He’s a combination of Wayne Carey and Tyrone Vickery


Mate, I could have come in at that time and contributed more than Stewart.


Well your double fist pump goal celebration would be high energy.


He’s the kind of bloke I could see kicking 4-5 freakish goals in a bog performance to win us a GF.

One can dream


He had 9 shots at goal against Cats me when we were only just getting our act together as a team.

And that North game with 3 in the quarter and then that really important snap later in game is hopefully what we will see more of.

With a fully firing midfield & when JD is partnered with him who will draw defenders Smack is going to dominate


He’s 28 and done that once in his entire career. Let’s get our expectations back to a bit more sensible place.

I hope he can hold down a key forward spot next year and kick 40 goals. But he has never done that to date. In fact he has kicked 50 goals total over the last ten years.


He is fun to watch. Anything can happen.


When has he really ever been given the opportunity to do so?

And when have we been good enough as a team to get the inside 50’s numbers to allow for it?

It should be irrelevant what his career had been up to that point. He did it. And this year so it’s not like we going back over a 2013 best year.

Woosha has been able to unlock whatever it is he needed to and given him the confidence now.


Becuase I remember Riemers kicking 8.

I remember Gumby going to clunk city against St Kilda.

Lots of players can have a day out or hit a purple patch. But we can’t ignore Smacks output for ten years prior to a month of good footy. Especially coming back from a serious hammy. I hope he kills it next year but I’m not banking on it. The club isn’t either hence both Stewart and Brown are also contracted.

Let’s see.


Or kick 4-5 behinds and be worst on ground, only to then kick one freakish goal in the dying stages that wins it


I’d just say two things.

  1. You have an amazingly rose coloured view that basically has a Trump like disregard of precedent and established patterns. I’'m not saying McKernan can’t become what you think he can, I hope for our sake he does. But efforts up until now say you wouldn’t bet more than a dollar or two on it.

  2. Danny Frawley is about as big an idiot as you can be and still be able to dress yourself. Quoting him helps no argument.


That didn’t actually happen, though

SMack came in for Daniher, not Stewart, for the C*nton game - which was probably the worst our forward line worked all year.
Stewart was in for that game, and for another 2-3 weeks.


You know you love him too Boot!

Only lieing to yourself if say otherwise! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


smack was in our top 10 b/f a couple of years ago
get your facts right


Speedy, while I’m no great fan, I reckon McKernan, on the back of what he did last year, has earned the right to have first crack at the second tall role beside Joey next season.

I would also like to reiterate that Danny Frawley is about as big an idiot as you can be and still be able to dress yourself.


Big big claim about Frawley, 'Boot ! What’s your evidence for saying he can dress himself ?