#44 Shaun McKernan


I remember being told a few years ago all the suits the guys on fox footy wear have a big “FOX FOOTY” stencilled on the back so the “talent” don’t nick them.


Sorry perce. No evidence. It was purely a guess. I was trying to say something nice about him.


I think we can all agree Dunstall dresses and undresses him.


McKernan has had the talent all along. He’s never been able to put it together for more than a half to date. That’s what changed this year, he did for a few weeks in a row.


He slaughtered it this year



That out of the way, I really like this quote from the club website…

But he’s hungry to take his game to another level this season, targeting improved defensive pressure as his mission.

“It’s (defensive pressure) still something I’m continuing to work on,” he said.

“Bringing (defence coach) Ben Rutten in has been terrific from a defensive point of view. I’ve been working with him very closely, and he’s been good at pulling edits out of training and showing me where I can improve.

“It’s a continual thing, but if you want to play in this team, you have to be able to put pressure on.”


Unless he had a rather unsuccessful marriage the information I was given that he was married last off season in Bali seems a little off the mark considering this article says he just returned from skiing with his girlfriend in Canada.

Hmmm may have to check my sources a bit more.

But great to hear from him that he has a lot more confidence which is what a few of us at a training have observed


Onya Smack

Going to dominate this year!


As most (who pay attention) would know, I’m a huge McKernan fan. We know what the bloke brings to the team. Those who suggest he lacked consistency last year forget his impact on contests when he wasn’t getting a lot of the ball + he had the best defender go to him most weeks, i.e. he was always putting in, and making a positive difference on most occasions. I expect essentially the same McKernan this year, but with more productivity.


Full forward. JoeDan to CHF. Excellent.


That’s what you want to hear about this team.


Has anyone superimposed Chewbacca onto this picture of Smack?


This is great news.

This should put Smack in the headspace of not giving away silly ruck free kicks, given this is the opposite of what Rutten is trying to achieve.


Big kudos to McKernan for his efforts over the last 12 months plus.

Last pre-season and especially with the JLT he was in form and banging at the door to be picked for the start of the season. But was overlooked and had to wait until round 8. When he got his chance he showed he could be a dangerous player for us.

This pre-season he’s stepped it up even more, and is making a massive case to be picked for round 1.
Could be that smokie for us that is going to catch the opposition unaware as they focus on the other higher profile forwards. His attack at the footy and the player (including our own) is going add a massive hardness to our side and hurt the opposition physically and mentally. Could cause big headaches for the opposition, especially if he works in well with Daniher and the other forwards.


He brings something that Daniher, Stewart and Brown don’t, thuggishness


in 2019 best we call it toughness/hardness

thuggishness will get you 3-4 weeks


How about shin boner?


You get a shin boner?


I couldn’t agree more, I think he will be a huge X factor for us


What can I say, I’m a leg guy