#44 Shaun McKernan


Daniher and Smack in the same side, the second tall defender is getting a spanking. Either getting out bodied by Smack or being jumped all over by Daniher.
Very similar to 2017 but I think Smack will be more reliable than Hooker in front of goal.


He’s the safest set shot of our big men

He’s the only one (Hooker aside) who doesn’t get pushed around by bigger CHB. And can ensure strong contest down the line getting ball to ground.

And he can be a freak show up on his day around goals as per North game.

And he can pinch hit ruck (keeping JD out of it) and follow up at ground level strongly.

Certainty for best 22 IMO


This was an absolute cracker game


I’d have thought Brown was a better set shot


well hello there


Funnily enough I was thinking about this whilst watching replays of last year a few weeks back and I think it’s close. Brown might be a bit more likely from the boundary on tough angles but McNernan is still very reliable.


I was just referring on from what Woosh called out in one of the training vids and said Smack was safest at the club.

Then Smack dobbed a goal accordingly.


Fair enough. For some it’s feet etc, … why the fk not shins.

Live and Let live & judge not I say.


Well, I’d normally say live and let die… but I don’t want to bring up bad memories for Heather_Mills.


Smack kicked 3 or 4 early against Geelong, then proceeded to miss about 4 sodas.

Maybe there’s a psychological barrier against kicking a bagful. I’ve seen it before.


Bad luck Heather Mills


Might be just me, but this off season feels like the longest ever.


It must be McKernan, Daniher & Stringer.

Based on form Brown is next in line. Stewart could hardly get a kick in the VFL.


Go into the US politics or climate change threads. That will really show you how long the off season has been.


…thought we were all playing pic location :grin:


Yeah you would say that you McNernan denier


I would never deny THE SHAUN.


If he can replicate what Grundy does at ground level, he will be a delicious proposition this year. He is a competitive beast, and the increased work by big men at ground level looks like the way rucks will evolve in the near future. SMack will be one of those leading that charge.


I reckon hell kick 40 this year


I think he’ll go past Stewart


He is well past Stewart.

What I like about McKernan is that he has that bid of nastiness in him. He isn’t a thug but he if he has the opportunity to hurt someone, he will take it.
We don’t have enough of those sort of guys. Stringer is another.

I have been excited to hear that there is a bit of argy bargy in training. As a club we have been nice for too long - I want to see more of that ruthless hard edge in the team (and off the field too but I digress). And McKernan seems to be in the thick of it.

McKernan in the forward line will make opposition nervous. Plus he can clunk marks like not many can. If he can straighten his kicking, and narrow the gap from his worst to his best, then he is a 30 + goal kicker easily.

A couple of years ago Hooksy and Daniher kicked 100 between them. I’d love for Daniher and McKernan to replicate that, and fully fit, they can just about get there I reckon