#44 Shaun McKernan


Look, I know his neck is long, but it isn’t that long.


not asking you to do it, and I’m not aware if that info is available - but it would be really useful if shots at goals and goals kicked/missed can get broken down into how important or easy the shot was. i.e a clutch goal to get the lead. 30m directly in front misses.

Hard goals can lift a side and get momentum. Easy misses can frustrate and deflate a side.


It contributes to them thinking hes ruck height


If I had somebody lining up for a goal after the siren in a GF I’m giving it to Fanta


I was using the basic stats listed on footywire and every paper on the weekend. I’ve got no access to better level of statistics (although wish I did for my dreamteam analysis! )


If we were including everyone on the team, I’d go roughly - Begley, Brown, Langford, Smack, Fanta, Zaka, Stringer


Yeah, Begley has the best percentage according to the AFL statspro and surprisingly Brown has the worst.

Brown has had 100 shots at goal for 47 majors.


This what I mean by overhyped here… he kicked 16 goals in 10 games. that’s 35 over a full year. From your description I had him at Buddy like numbers. And to think I’ve seen some compare his possible contribution to Joey is simply ridiculous. They are not in the same league…


He was basically the only KPF in many of those games, so he was double teamed by opposition defenders. Adding Daniher means he’ll get less attention and probably take more marks.

But the critical thing you overlook is his role in bringing the ball to ground. He doesn’t get out marked. He creates chaos for our smalls to pick the scraps. That is not recorded in any stat, but in this day of intercept mark and rebound, bringing the ball to ground is a critical role.


Our best period of win / loss last year was when Smack was playing. You can argue whether his performance caused that, or whether the sides performance allowed us to view his efforts favourably.

I think he did alright. I felt we missed him after he got injured.


His last 3 games before the game he got injured he kicked 4-0, 2-2 and 2-0.
He was doing very well before doing his hammy.


He’s earned first crack, he should get first crack, and then we’ll see what happens from there.


I doubt anyone’s been told they have a starting spot at this stage. Especially given that we have some important players who may or may not make the early rounds.


He booted 4.4 against Geelong, then had a poor patch, goal-wise, with just 2 goals in 4 games (goalless against Richmond and WCE) before rediscovering his mojo with 4 goals against Norf.

I am still hoping, not expecting, that he’ll stay consistent but I agree with many, he should be starting.


Great point. The way we played, get it inside 50 deep and quick was paramount on him bringing the ball to ground if he couldn’t mark it. Whether it assisted directly to a score, created a stoppage or allowed us to lock it in our fwd half are not captured on the basic stat sheets.

If he was given the role as full forward earlier in his career he would of had a pretty decent career. I don’t think history is a great argument that he can’t have a great year or two. I’m confidently predicting 70+ goals over his next 40 games if his role doesn’t dramatically change.


I’m not a betting man, but wondering whether those confident would put there money behind their new found confidence. Say, that he will score 35+ goals this year? I’d like to see the suggested odds on that :slight_smile:


I’d comfortably back him in to kick the 1.6 goals per game needed to hit the 35+ goals for the year.

I’d be pretty nervous about backing him to play the 22 games needed to get to that mark.


It’s all between the ears with him… I’d back him for 35 if he gets an extended run playing mainly forward ie. Tbell remains injury free and can ruck most games without assistance.

When he’s on he looks like his brother in his should’ve-been-Brownlow year.


He’s always been capable of the incredible, he just needs to consistently perform his role and maintain workrate and presence in a game. He has all the tools to seriously impact if he can maintain focus and enjoy the consistency of performance that that will bring.


Which players have had the tools but struggled for consistency and then went bang and became guns - even if it was for only a few years?