#44 Shaun McKernan




Can only really think of ruckman.
And Gary O’Donnell
And, damn it, Ted Richards




Who became guns … can’t think of any.

Who became very good and dependable players … plenty


Dean Wallis ?

Well, not a gun, but certainly played a role and held his spot.


Josh Kennedy x 2


Josh Gibson


I think The Bear had a Sheedy problem, not a consistency problem.


Jobe Watson


Podsiadly was like 28-29 in his first season
Smack is 28 this year.
Prime years for a KPP talent.

just look at how high Brown and McKernan were rated as Juniors. They are finally fulfilling their potential. Brown as the roaming forward regulary racking up most kms on ground for us, and accurate goal kicking. McKernan as the strong forward powerhouse clunking marks and kicking goals. Allowing hooker to play defence and us to be less concerned at his goal kicking.
I think we should be lid off for Smack this year.


The trick with Smack is to let him focus on a specific role.


By his own admission, lacked focus, lacked fitness, and was a crap kick.


Of course, they are nothing alike, but reckon focus is Smack’s biggest problem.


Yes, there was a definite personality mismatch between Sheedy & Teddy, but having seen a lot of Teddy in the Twos, he was actually more Smack like than I first thought.
Was capable of amazingly good things most games, but also guaranteed a couple of complete brain fades a game.


Jobe Watson.


Doesn’t that mean that he lacked consistency in those days?


Player finally gets confidence in his body, in his game and his role (and gets opportunity), and has the confidence of the coach.

Things all just aligned for Smack over the last few years IMO

He is too short to be a genuine ruck at AFL level so had to get his fwd craft up to scratch. Dominated so often at VFL level and it took the Hooker switch back and JD injury to really open up that full forward/ruck spot.

And at Crows never was getting in front of Tex or Jenkins. And probably through his own admission didn’t work hard enough there.

On last chance with us as a rookie he has

If he puts in a full season of what he showed last year in seniors, especially considering will have a stronger midfield getting ball down there & opposition JD focussed he should have a very very strong year


He lacked certain skills and attributes.
Once he gained those he was able to start reaching for his potential.


Definitely agree that whatever it is that has held him back is between the ears.


I’d be happy to put a $100 on him kicking at least 35 goals. I think he’ll be more important to our forward line than Daniher this year. Daniher is very talented in the air but I think he is still a major liability once the ball hits the ground.