#44 Shaun McKernan


It begins.


I hope he body slams the carnt Davis into 2030


Mckernan and Hooker
My favourite goal celebrators.




This bloke will be playing like his career depends on it. Lets hope he can back up his form from last year. Not a lot of teams have a forward this good as a depth player.


How do you know he wasn’t going to be?


Well no one did.

But he should have and now he probably will.


Of course you can’t 100% know, but half a game of JLT, and training with the magoos would surely have given you an indication of their plans.


Um, what is driving this? Has Brown or JD got injured?

Edit: actually, went to the AFL website. #%@%!%!%


Cometh the moment cometh the … ahhh who the fark knows.


Yeah - play on Goldstein all night.


Yes John Barnes
traded to the CAts at his prime


Barnes was never a “gun”


true. I have always felt he doesn’t get enough credit for his performances in 2000. Had a great chemistry with the midfield.

Was so happy for him to get a premiership after so many losses with the cats


yous ■■■■■ are ■■■■■■


It’s absurd he had such a long career as a ruckman considering he was 193cm, these days he’d struggle to play key position at that height.


I genuinely get the impression there are more people in here that would prefer Smack in the team if they had a choice between Smack and Joe.

I like Smack, but it’s bizarre


I will take it one step further and say that quite a few are happy that Joe is injured.

I don’t understand that hate for either Joe or Hurley on here.

Both have given their all for the club.


I’m not sure people are happy that Joe is injured - but I think people were nervous in taking Joey into round 1 when he wasn’t 100%.

For me, I was nervous about it being a repeat of last season where Joey was clearly not at his best and it through a lot of our structure out.

This at least allows Joey time to get to 100% and we can fill the gap with Smack in the interim.


I think it’s better having Smack in.
What is it 9-10 months of the message that we were going to wait until Daniher is 100% ready then with 2 weeks until round 1 they say they’ll play Daniher on monitored minutes!?!?
Deserves them right. Professional up until a players nearly there, idiots.