#44 Shaun McKernan


I definitely reckon some are happy. Probably not many, but some are


That’s the problem right there.

People are putting all the blame on Joe for the first 7 rounds of last year.

We were rubbish all across the board but Joe is copping the most blame.

There are 22 players in a side and even if one player is having a bad game the rest should be able to cover for him even if it is somebody as important as Joe.

People regularly forget that it’s a team sport.


I won’t speak to others, but it isn’t blaming Joey. It’s the way the team functions with Joey.

Last year, we were expecting someone carrying a severe injury to manage taking on 2-3 defenders and kick winning scores.

The same happened in JLT. The team would just seek Joey out, regardless of being double/triple teamed, and didn’t look for another option. Joey not being at 100% couldn’t do that much.

Joey isn’t to blame for the bad form, but the team structure and behaviour when he is playing did contribute largely to it.


I’m sorry, but this is the most ridiculous commentary I have heard. All Essendon supporters love Joe and Hurley, Joe proved himself when the team was depleted by the suspensions,and we all love the Bear. I agree with your comments re the first 7 rounds, but to be honest, we were better when he was not playing, due to form or injury. FFS, he is a Daniher! I don’t think Joe is copping the blame, they were all to blame (ps it was Neelds fault)


Joe didn’t play against Carlton. So it didn’t turn around immediately when he left. In fact it initially got worse. I think some people forget that


Has calves of steel.


Didn’t he spin a Carlton player inside out in the first qtr and drill a goal?


I have repeated this so many times but Joe wasn’t the focal point last year. The stats were posted on here many times, mostly by me that showed Joe was not getting used anywhere near what he typically would.

It’s hard to discern that when watching a game because we are not generally counting but that is what was happening.

The best sides can cover for one or two players that may be carrying injury or out of form, but we had about half of more of our side not performing. That is like fielding a side like Carlton who ironically beat us.

We were rubbish and Joe was a big part of that but far from the only part.

Heppell even said himself recently that something switched after round 7 and they started applying manic pressure.

Joe suffered an injury like many other players have before him but he is a top ten player on his day and we should appreciate him why we have got him. It’s not like we have had an abundance of gun players recently.


You have your head in the sand.



No I don’t, but that’s up to you.


check his stats with the Cats

was bog against us


do we have a coaching problem or not?


Agree with everything you’re saying. Anybody that thinks the team isn’t way better with Joey on it doesn’t have a clue. And he was certainly not to blame for the bad start to last year. It baffles me that some people think those things.


As some would know, I love the bloke and what he brings to the team but unlike last year when he was tearing up the preseason, McKernan seems somewhat subdued this year. Whether that had something to do with playing only 1 JLT game or he’s taking a more conservative approach before he let’s rip in the season proper I don’t know. Just hope we see the same player who inspired his team to some memorable wins.


He was BOG in the VFL match vs the Cats.


Over to you Smackasuarous.


I’m with @Wanderlust on this one. I’m not glad the big fella is injured but it takes away the pressure associated with him finding form with the big boys. Now I assume he’d be coming back through the magoos. Hopefully he’ll snag a few and get his confidence up.


I should hope so. It was a ■■■■■■ VFL practice match.


I’m not saying he shouldn’t play in the magoos, but i just don’t think they’ll do it. Would be quiet a sight though. He’d probably kick 15 goals. (insert joke about him missing heaps)