#44 Shaun McKernan


It’ll be an interesting one. Should make a poll. Vfl or straight back in?


this .gif :rofl:


Do it!


Never ever snort viagra.



With Daniher out, you’d think McKernan gets a definite chance alongside Brown. If he brings the form he showed before his hamstring injury last season, he probably stays in the side once Daniher returns. Particularly if he can provide good ruck support to Bellchambers.

In an age when footballers are often turfed for younger potentials, McKernan is a throw back to finding your best late in your career. It’d be a good story if he ends up reaching his potential between now and retirement.


So that was Pinocchio’s “problem”?


He’s going to play and he’s going to kick some goals and the people are going to love it.


Kick it on top of his head - which is a good two foot from his shoulders - and out of the reach of everyone else.


I don’t think his arms reach the top of his head?


How many goal McNernan?


I reckon it’s safe to say he won’t reach his potential after retirement.


Not sure why his place in the team would even be questioned.



I’m only one foot from my shoulders


Lol. Never stops being funny.


What doesn’t?


Cue In: Brown, Clarke Out: McKernan


Huge opportunity for smack once again. He needs to become a consistent performer for us to have any sort of a season.