#45 Anthony “Munny” Munkara

for reference in another game this week Matheison and Mitch Robinson were best on ground for the Buffaloes.

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How angry will blitz be if a club takes a chance on Munny and he becomes a gun?

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pretty angry.


I feel like we didnt give him much of a chance gone after 1 season. would have kept him for another year


Nobody will take a chance he won’t become a gun. Talented indigenous players getting the chop and getting forgotten about is a tale as old as the sun rising

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It was discussed above amongst those who have watched games in NT. It is hard to compare, given the hot weather and the different levels of fitness. But what I saw when I was up in Darwin for three months in 2009, was that the skill levels were high, kicking and marking and evasive skills were in the same levels or better than VFL, but there was little pressure on the bloke with the ball and the pace of the game was slower. I would expect blokes like Matheison and Robinson to do well with their fitness and hard bodies, but would play the game harder than locals probably.

Highly entertaining and the games I saw were very competitive.


Might be an exaggeration !

A tale as old as Bacchus, perhaps?

Yep, I will accept that.

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If nobody takes a chance, he certainly won’t become a gun.

If he doesn’t get picked up and instead goes back to NTFL or SANFL and has a solid but not outstanding career at that level, then people are going to say ‘see, he’s a state league player’, we were right all along to delist him!

But we’ll never know what he might have been if we’d persisted, and they bloke had benefitted from a sustained professional development program. All we’d be seeing is what he became because nobody took a chance on him.


I agree with this, remember only last year rfk said he is the most skillful player he has ever drafted. Surely you give that an extra year, particularly when our forward line is pretty vanilla.

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No one will and he won’t.

Kicking goals at NTFL level and people salivating over it is sad. The club had their reasons to delist that we aren’t privy too. Go home factor, work ethic, lacking the requirements to become a good AFL player, who knows. Maybe they see talent in the upcoming draft they feel is better?


909 - As I’ve just nominated as a very mature, short, unfit and unskilled foward pocket.

North Melbourne have shown some interest.


Lucky 909, good luck tonight! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I reckon we might see him in the VFL next season.


As in Essendon VFL or VFL in general?

Oh I do hope so.

Love to see Munkara in the VFL but you would think the club would have to support him somehow for alternate employment or some income to live down here.
Not sure if VFL would have that kind of program with attracting interstate players @Paul_Cousins ? Or its simply every man for themselves and player needs to find his own alternate income.


The club’d have to be careful obviously. Whatever we did would have to stay within the VFL salary cap rules.

It’d be as Essington as hell to delist the guy, then pay him to play in our VFL side, then not replace him on the rookie B list, then get done for VFL salary cap breaches for paying him., and then watch him get drafted and perform for someone else.


Stop being so goddamned sensible. Take it elsewhere, this is not the forum.

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