#45 Conor McKenna - 3 Weeks to Chew it Over


Definitely doesn’t have a burning desire for the game of AFL. Does sound like he has a burning desire to get the most out of himself though.

That’s good enough for me.


He’s 21. Fark he is going to be something.

We keep saying Saad/McKenna.

But i think McKenna could play wing at some stage.


Lol, hes talking like hes a list plodder! Hes going to be at 100 games before we even realise. The guy is an absolute lock in our 22


… and that’s all we really needed to know.


Thanks for posting the articles, @SCarey.

Conor is an international star!


Learning where to run and reading the ball flight are the two biggest learning curves for McK. Footballs fly through the air a lot differently to gaelic / soccer balls. Marking - maintaining body contact/position on your opponent and still being in the right spot to take the grab - has probably been the hardest thing for McKenna’s to get his head around.

Get him on the wing where there’s less contested marking/body positioning in packs req and he will run riot. Colyer, based on his '17 form, might be the one to make room if he doesn’t improve in 18


I will be watching the International rules game, mainly to see Conor run out for the Irish and play against the cream of our AFL players.


By order of the peaky fooking blinders…


l don’t mind the idea of him moving to the wing at all, l like it a lot. The problem is who plays the HBF role?



Ankle injury. Won’t play in the international rules series and may miss the start of the pre season


Ugh, FFS



He’s been living it up while back home, going by his Instagram.


I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a drunken accident :slight_smile:

Constantly looks like he’s on the pis s.

Once an Irish, always an Irish.


Just shoot me now.


Same reason State of Origin is a crock of ■■■■. Players get injured in a pointless exhibition match. No thanks.


Can we petition the club to ban Zerrett and Goddard from the series?


Ok sure. we can do it. ill tell Zach, you can tell BJ.


Umm. Could we swap?