#45 Conor McKenna - 3 Weeks to Chew it Over


hell no!


Didn’t get a full pre-season.


Now hes got the Red Ankle of Ulster !




He’s a young man, I hope he’s living it up.

Would have liked to see him in the International Series, but not to be.


Might as well try and petition the club to ban players from walking their dogs.

Have heard that this seemingly simple task can be fraught with danger.


I think McKenna would be more disappointed than anybody. Think he was looking forward to representing Ireland even if it was in a novelty game.


Would be devastated.

Playing Gaelic football is in his blood & what he will always be drawn to, and to miss playing for Ireland in front of his family massive.


Yep, it’s why I groan when someone says they want to bring State of Origin back. And the pretend football series isn’t any better.

Having said that I think McKenna would have really loved to play for Ireland in IR so I genuinely feel for him.


I would like to see state of origin back. International rules however is a waste of time and simply a promotion of our game in Ireland that is no longer needed. They know where we are.


I groan with that and also the 17 or 34 game seasons.

And you reason with them all you like, they concede defeat, and two weeks later they’re back with the same idea.


If he misses a single session of pre-season because of it, then it can fark right off. That’s how low I put both concepts on the scale of importance.


How do you feel about AFLX?


Don’t give a rat’s fark either. The AFLW had a market ready to go that had broad appeal, the Big Bash breathed new life into a tiring concept (ODI cricket), but AFL already has a massive, well-supported, exciting game. The pre-season is for ■■■■■ and giggles, so die-hard supporters can get lathered up over new recruits and “best pre-season ever” stories. Remember 9-point goals, play-on off the post, and last team to touch it out of bounds gets a free kick against? Nobody gives fark, coz it’s pre-season and the HA season goes for long enough as it is.


Plus, I just turned 41, so I’m officially entitled to be cranky a new and innovative ideas. I just think these ideas are crap.


AFLX is one of the worse ideas I’ve ever heard.

Will watch though :grinning:


If AFLX is on a soccer sized field, and if Joey D plays it, you put him in the ruck, hell grab the ball and literally kick like 50 goals from the center. the AFL will love it. think of all the ads after each goal


They need to fix that ■■■■ up how can you have adds after each goal especially annoying when it’s a high scoring game.


Yep, love the ads!


What’s wrong with 17/34?