#45 Conor McKenna - 3 Weeks to Chew it Over


34 is unsustainable. If people grizzle about 22 being too long for rubbish teams, then how bad is 34? And players couldn’t play 34 games

TV networks simply won’t tolerate 17. Smaller TV money, smaller salary caps, smaller money for players. Yeah, go on.

22 is the perfect length for a 6-month season. Obviously has its drawbacks with regard to equality but better things could be done with that if you break the 18 teams into 3 groups and adjust the groups periodically.


17 with BO3 finals series


I should also mention that i think people who harp on about 17/34 to be severely mentally deficient.


as it is, its inherently unfair.

my ideal fixture is we cut 4 teams and go to 2x14 round with a couple byes.


best of 3 GF and i am right with you


Again, just not going to happen.


Again, can’t agree. GF has a mystique and a tradition.


I just like how they think it will have minimal impact on his preseason training.


Description of injury is very vague. Is it broken?


34 is more of a principled hypothetical. I don’t think anyone is seriously suggesting it could be done.

17 being un-doable due to TV rights is ridiculous. Yes, TV will never let it happen but that doesn’t mean people that say it should happen aren’t right.


You just know they’re planning 22 teams to play each other once. They’ll still make certain sides travel more for no reason other than getting crowd numbers up at venues where no one wants to go watch the NSW Central Coast Lame Ducks play.


I don’t think there’s a right and wrong with this.
There’s really just what is feasible and what isn’t.

Personally I don’t mind the idea of 17 rounds where you play everyone once, then you’re split into groups of 6 for the last 5 rounds.
Top 6 are just playing off for spots in the top 6.
7 to 12 are playing off for spots 7 & 8.
13 to 18 are playing off for the top draft pick, where the winner of that pool gets pick 1.

Of course the downsides to that are the difficulty with not being able to plan ahead for the last 5 rounds (eg. knowing where/when your team is playing etc…), plus teams tanking for 13th spot.

Otherwise I reckon just leave it as it is.
Yes the draw always has an element of being lopsided, but realistically the best sides still generally end up in the top 4


I personally prefer it the way it works now. But if you are going to do a 17 Round season, you a more likely to get the TV stations to agree if you give them a few more high profile games.


Between 1925 and 1968 the VFL played an 18 game season with 12 teams. So obviously you didn’t play every team twice. So it’s not a new phenomenon to have an unbalanced fixture.


You didn’t have to research that did you yaco. You were there! :slight_smile:


Well AN, no doubt about my mental health being severely deficient, as I reckon 34 games, 6 weeks of finals, no byes, and all Bombers games played at the G would be excellent.

Have a bigger list with more on the interchange, but Players would cope. They do in EPL and sports in USA. Season to start in March and end in November.

Yeah, yeah, I know there are major issues but I have already watched every Bomber victory this year again and past GF, and even some games we lost. Maybe a need access to the Foxtel vault.


Think this is a truly terrible idea.


I understand people will think that. I think the downsides are too big to make it worthwhile.
Like I said, i’m happy to stick with the current format.


I’d set up the 3 groups at the start of the year, based on the previous year, with some reflection on derbies.
Although that might have to go if you’re in the group that has Sydney and GWS.


Or they could just extend the season out by one game to allow for 1/3 of the comp to play each other twice (so 17/5), and rotate it around so you actually play every team once every three years and alternate the home game.

That would be fairer for all and more structured, instead of the current anyone’s guess/open to manipulation that we have now.

Rivalries build themselves (don’t need multiple derbies) and less likely to get easier draws as once you play a ■■■■ team twice, you don’t get them again for 3 years. You could even use a ranking/weighting system in the first two years to even out the strengthen of the teams played and then play whoever is left in the third. If you get a bit of luck with a softer draw so be it.

And for GAJ’s sake, ■■■■ off the stupid playing teams multiple times in a short space of time. Play everyone once, then go round again.