#45 Conor McKenna - 3 Weeks to Chew it Over


Play everyone once and then draw the remaining fixture out of the hat. Some teams would be lucky others not. No bias unless the AFL decided to rig the draw.


If you can’t make it fair, then make it random.


A “fair” draw will never happen because of the money most clubs could lose. The AFL can’t risk teams like GC drawing North, Bulldogs and the other low drawing teams twice, they need the bigger drawing clubs, usually like Essendon in Gold Coast to help prop them up. It’s why the AFL has draw requests and most of them are to play the “big four” at home with a lot of side requests like “less 6 day breaks” amongst them.


Yes, it is why it is called a “fixture” and not a “draw”.


Am I the only one?



Not now!


My goodness you are right, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a photo of Conor in color or black and white.


Not enough of a slick part and comb over


@barnz fark yeah!!!



ain’t an official montage tho…

sack the board.


Sensational package, those overhead marks are what stood out to me - that aerial contest work has clearly been an area he has worked hard on. I know his kicking his absolutely sublime - but wow to see it lined up like that in the footage is something - especially those intelligent little cutters off the in-step to unmarked team mates - shows such great vision and touch.

He really could end up being a pretty special player (if he isn’t already). Heard that North Melbourne had a big crack at him too (surprise surprise) - can see why he got 4 years - he’s a beauty.


Amazing package.


Great package, can’t imagine what the next few years could bring.

Conor could be anything.


It pretty funny to think back to how divided people were on him after the Melbourne game.


It’s funny that people thought he was a dud and should go home. The potential always looked obvious, even last year.

I reckon we’ll be having the same discussion about Langford by the end of next season.


I’m pretty sure I was on a ticket to getting banned.


Go son!


Missed the best one where he pickpocketed and embarrassed that bloke against Port!


Pretty sure that’s in there


God love him, him and Saad running around opposition backs is going to be one of the highlights of 2018.

The rate of progression of this guy is amazing.