#45 Conor McKenna - 3 Weeks to Chew it Over


Goodluck trying to stop one getting the hand off from the other, at Lightspeed


I look forward to the moment in 2018 when we “lightspeed” the ball all the way up the ground.


Saad and Irish

Rebounding the ball till the early morning.


And that the grounds aren’t the same size, and that the conditions are different, and that certain Melbourne clubs play undercover more often than not…


Just remember that precise movement by foot is generally a lot more effective than fast movement by run.

Speed certainly helps you to get into better position.


So has his foot been amputated yet?


One guy who can take the game on with speed can create an overlap which can make your foot skills look amazing.

Having at least one of those guys is pretty important. Having 6 of them is pretty damn special (Conor, Saad, McGrath, Fanta, Tippa, Stringer).

I struggle to think of another side who could match that.


Certainly we look to be a side with a lot of pace. On paper we seemed designed to attack with speed off half back and wing. To Noonans point you still have to deliver with accuracy into the forward 50. When we did that this year we were capable of troubling anyone.

I am looking forward to seeing is how we defend and pressure with the opposition in possession.


Agreed. I think a key component of our overall improvement next season will be how much more defensive pace we introduce to the midfield.

I expect McGrath to have a big impact on this regard but we’ll need more. Smith hopefully ticks that box too. I’ve never really seen stringer use his pace defensively but he’ll certainly be expected too.

Getting tippa and Fanta some more midfield minutes as part of a rotation with Smith and stringer would also be helpful.

Langford had displayed a willingness to tackle in the VFL that we haven’t seen from him in the seniors and he’s certainly more agile and mobile than hepp Myers or bj so hopefully we get more out him.

I also think Stewart is a bit of a midfield dark horse, particularly if hooker stays forward. I think we might look to push him higher and use him in the ruck more. He is genuinely quick and certainly willing to compete on the ground. Infact he’s a much better competitor on the ground than in the air.


Strongly agree @ivan

Will be really interesting to see if they leave some of the big bodied but slow on the spread guys out in order to keep speed out of the centre.


I agree that Conor is one of the players with most improvement in him - which we’ll see in 2018 (without the caveat at the end - I’d say it’s Francis).
I think we’ll see the biggest stepping up in 2018 from Conor, Fanta and McG - we’ll be scary good if that eventuates (let alone if Franga proves me wrong).








Stewart taking the pinch hitting ruck role effectively would improve us forward even more. Perfect, structurally.


Out of interest, has anyone seen Stewart in the Ruck at VFL or AFL level?


Was a disaster during pre-season to the point where he wasn’t used again in that capacity until the 2nd half of the Swans final - with similar results.

It’s why I’d rather play McKernan as the 3rd tall forward ahead of Stewart.


Considering Tigers are getting away with rucking Grigg and Melb used Pederson/Watts at times there really should be zero issue putting Stewart in ruck.

He’s 198cm IIRC and moves very well




I would say there are zero circumstances in which McKernan plays in any team that has any fit rucks available.