#45 Conor McKenna - 3 Weeks to Chew it Over


Jimmy Stewart had five hit-outs total in 2017 (which is less than NLM averaged).

I think that says that he is not a ruckman, he’s a flanker, albeit a tall one.

PS. Should we shift the conversation here: #17 James Stewart - playing Moore finals than Collingwood


It’s just saying he was barely ever put into ruck contests, may have pinch hitted fwd on occasion of instances when JD was on bench.

Definitely isn’t a ruckman but in the modern game perfectly capable height and athleticism wise of playing 2nd ruck.

Woosh doesn’t want JD in ruck so someone is going to have to be doing it. Stewart the logical option.


Joe Dan is a much better ruck, and can still impact the scoreboard while he is on the ball. Stewart is the third tall, and will continue to develop in that role.


I’m not sure JD is that good at the actual ruck component but he certainly impacts while around the ball. I have nightmares about him getting injured in the ruck though.

I’m pretty keen to see how Stewart would handle it and what Joe would do with extra forward minutes. Nothing will ever stop us pushing Joe up the ground if he needs to get into it more


His follow up is unbeleivable. I think Daniher’s ruck work is pretty good tho.


what the ruck are you lot on about?


He doesn’t win many taps. But yeah, his follow up is great,


Why are we taking about this in the McKenna thread?


That’s a fair question.


You should be busy looking for more Conor highlights on YouTube and posting them here :grinning:


Any news?


Yes. Tonight at the Xmas training I asked him about his ankle and missing the international rules series.


and what did he say?


He said some things




Sell McKenna, buy Gleeson.


Was just watching this guys highlights for 2017. Conclusion McKenna and Saad will be devastating off the half back line.

This guys emergence has been incredible, and will only get better and better.


Am I the only one that doesn’t see it?


Statistically unlikely.


I dont think I have ever seen anybody change direction as fast and powerfully as Irish. He’s a beast.