#45 Conor McKenna - came back to Australia to see LittleMissCrazyBomber

He probably left a voice mail message to tell them but …


More likely sent a fax, … but our machine wasn’t plugged in …

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Who the fark cares what an employee does in their annual leave. You can do a knee going for a jog or gardening. Life is uncertain. If he wants to climb a mountain, that’s his choice; we don’t own him or have the right to say he can’t.


who cares, club should come out and say we arehappy he enjoyed his tome back with his friends and family and cant wait to see him back in the hanger with his Aussie family.


To be fair. Conor probably did ring the club but they wouldn’t have understood a word hesaid. Oops. Bomb_Doe beat me.

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I agree with others above, who cares! Good on him, yeah, he could’ve done an injury and blah blah, but honestly, live life. Next.

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I’m curious about what events of the last… let’s say 10 years… made him confident we would have?

Safer than venturing in here once all the safer than jokes had finished up.

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It could have been worse you guys.

Fancy playing for a club named Edendork…


haha…probably a forlorn hope along the lines of “surely we can’t keep having these types of stuff ups”

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Fair enough :joy:

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Suprised the Gaelic league let him play. Surely you can’t get a ring in to come play for you?

He could have gotten some of his Essendon teammates to play as well.

Tippa, McGrath and Stringer would go alright I reckon.

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Tippa was there at the time too according to his instagram. not sure how he would go with the round ball and different rules though.

Hard to believe he wouldn’t have got the OK from the club.

Maybe thought it was a “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” situation??

Ph’iall Innergan


I live by this motto

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Unless his contract says he can’t or else he has to get the club’s permission before he does.

It’s an amateur local league. Rough equivalent of country footy 2nds. No one’s checking.

Yes of course. How did I miss that? An employment contract is going to list all the things that employee X can’t do during his annual leave. Better go check mine.
Just because the media try to turn these cases of normality into a story doesn’t mean we need to.

AFAIK it’s an amateur competition and the only requirement is that you play for your home team.


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