#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


With a lot of hindsight, that is the one that hurts. If we’d moved Hooker forward, we might have one of the great 1-2 defensive units with Carlisle/Hurley, and Hooker would potentially have 2-3 years of forward experience and might be kicking 50+ a year. Maybe Carlisle would have Hooker’s AA.

Hindsight,stupid annoying hindsight.


I can absolutely see Connor leaving. I’m worried.


It’s not like we don’t have the cash…


There’s a magnet on the Saints team board with his name on it already. Sitting right next to Lav on a HBF.


Make a deal with them and get Seb Ross as well.


Would match any offer from rival clubs.


Yes please


Carlisle up forward is on bomber

Hurley down back is on bomber


Carlisle may yet find himself forward yet. Word is they’re going to experiment with McCartin in defence & since Brown is very much a defender only you wonder how all play in the same team. Do they play the 3 as defenders? I think not. Only Bruce & Membrey up front, they definitely need another tall-ish forward. Wouldn’t it be ironic?


McCartin is looming as a the biggest fail as a #1 draft pick since Jack Watts.


Can’t blame it on him though, had a horror run with concussions. Honestly think he should just give it up and go live a happy life without permanent brain damage


I’d be surprised if he even ended up as good as Watts…


If the Saints are actually willing to pay Conor overs then the trade so be a fair representation of what they think his worth
Ross would be great

Otherwise I’d be willing to give them Conor and our second rounder for their first rounder or we just swap our first and second round picks

This all assumes the Saints are actually in the race for Conor and it’s not some story to get the people on here to spend all their panic dollars


my gut feel^


Mine too

But if it were legit there is no way the club should just accept a second rounder

Another first rounder would be nice but I’d much rather prefer us to stop losing talent to other clubs


Are the people floating Ross for McKenna the same people thinking we were gonna hand over a first and Hartley for Kelly?

Like seriously, Jesus fkn Christ. Ross is a GUN and worth far, far more than what McKenna is. Full blow dreamland stuff if you think the saints would involve Ross for McKenna


Why do you hate conor so much?


WOB. In fairness. I haven’t seen anybody suggest this is a straight swap. I just think naturally you would say “fark you saints” and then simultaneously offer Ross 3.8m over 5 years.


Dodoro just put an order in for a Dylan Roberton magnet.


We accepted a 2nd round pick for Hibberd. McKenna may become that good and more sometime - but he isn’t there yet.