#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


I hope Mayweather smashes him if he leaves


He is not going anywhere.


I wait with bated breath for UP COONEY FARK PORT’s take on all this.


I know we’ve been accused of stupid list management in the past but calling us “potatoes” is going too far!


Carlton was under-paying Tuohy big time while Hanley fell out with Brisbane - Of course Tuohy is getting more money after being offered peanuts by Carlton.


Maybe Conor has already indicated he wants to re-sign, but no-one was able to understand him?


Haven’t read past this point so not sure if anyone said anything…he kicked 41 goals 26 behinds this year. If he had been a little straighter on some very gettable kicks he would have easily been 50+ goals this year.


You could argue the point that they maybe left cos they knew their current clubs weren’t any real possibility of winning a flag also. Granted hanley didn’t go to any better club and it may just have been money.

I can’t imagine touhey got better money at geelong than he could be getting elsewhere surely with the names they brought in.

Kennelly never left when surely he’d have had money thrown at him also.

Who knows though. Some of the responses in this thread on both sides are shocking.
We kinda need him going forward, but ■■■■ he’s not a gun like some people claim, he’s still good for 2-3 turnover goals a game. plently of up side still and definitely want to keep, but he’s not worth 500 grand. 300-400 max. anything over that is just not taking things seriously.


Weren’t St Kilda reuted to be offering Lav about $500k, and he signed for probably (just guessing) $250k.

We shouldn’t match the offer but we should certainly consider upping our own.

Wonder how the Aints sell all of this to their young players.

Yeah…this guy has played 25 games…can’t understand a word he says, but we’re throwing huge dollars at him. Fairly self-destructive way to build a list.


Depends on how much $$$ the Saints are willing to offer Conor

Don’t think Hibberd left for a whole lot more money did he?


We also ‘accepted it’ due to saga circumstances, he was in contract and I doubt we would have been so accomodating now.


It probably doesn’t help that he finishes everything he says with rapid flourish of “I’ll feckin’ foight ya!”


Connor will be better than Ross by the end of next season. I would not accept a straight swap.


Conor, I’m pretty certain, was taken in the the same draft year of Langford & Laverde.

He is way ahead of both and his contract should be way better than what both are currently getting e.g. if they are are $280K-$300K/year (my guesstimate) then he should be on 350K+/year.


Probably the most one eyed post I’ve seen in a while. Honestly mate, that’s ridiculous.


Clearly we have different views of Ross and Connor. But I stand by it and we can revisit this after our flag next year.


Your on. Not for one minute do I not rate Conor, I do, but I’m not sure how much of the saints you’ve watched, but Ross is a gun, in my opinion anyway. he’s probably their best midfielder and quite easily.


Yeah I get that, I just think Connor trajectory is exponential. Anyway let’s drop a six pack on it and see!


Conor’s development is limitless, this needs to be factored in.


He’s not going anyway. I hope not. Let’s keep him and throw the house at Ross anyway, everyone wins, bar the saints. Which is good

I’d still rather fark port though and take wines or gray