#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


Why do you think he’s not going?

I am worried. As SMJ said, despite what we’d like to think, he doesn’t have an affinity or love for footy in general, much less EFC. He’s also hinted that it’s his life goal/dream to return to Tyrone and play in a flag back home.

Combined with his age/position/unique athletic profile I can see a club like Brisbane/St Kilda/whoever offering 50-100% more than us because it’s a fkn important position he plays, and there’ll be clubs with plenty of cap space to spare. Again, given the above, I can see him simply wanting to maximise his bank for his brief time in Australia.

I have NFI if he’s going or staying but I can absolutely see it happening far more than just about anyone else on our list.


He 100% is not going anywhere.


Can you elaborate at all?



Hope that’s elaborate enough.


I guess I mean - ‘can you add to that with regards to source or info quality’.


Some guy that had smashed 6 pints of Guinness.

Good enough for me.


Family friend. He’s basically getting comfortable away from home with us, he ain’t just gonna move teams and start over.


BakerWasAStar would be devastated…!!!

We would find him in an up turned golf cart in kew somewhere!


Ok, ta for that.
I hope you’re correct. A player told me that he thinks he’ll leave. Could be all talk.


If Mckenna leaves, then the entire list management staff should hot on his heels out the door as well.


I really, really like Connor but I’d take that in a heartbeat.


Hold on a sec. When we want someone we need to pay overs to pry someone away to fil a void. If saints are desperate for a running HBF then they’ll have to pay too.

If we want Kelly, we have to pay alot, same goes if they want conor


I agree but Ross, imo is a far, far superior player to McKenna. Now I really do rate conor, but he’s not worth Seb Ross and if that deal came up I’d do it in a heartbeat


With all due respect, we had the identical comment from Michael Hibberd’s Dad a day or two before he announced he wanted a trade. Can you blame us for being jittery?


Hibborts dad said he wasn’t going anywhere. I believe no one anymore!

Edit: what he said!


I’m not Hibberd’s dad.


Do you like potatoes?


No you’re not. Even if you were, it wouldn’t help in this instance!


Makes sense. He’s only just getting settled in a new country. Why would he want to start over again?


I might get reported for this clickbait!