#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


What?..Is he from America?


I know, surprising no one has mentioned that before.


I thought he was Canadian.???


Swans will go hard at him to try and throw him off, needs to keep his composure

If he plays a blinder tomorrow it will go a long way towards us winning


Yeah read this somewhere about how the swans will target him physically.

Of all people, he’s farking Irish, firstly it’ll make him play better, secondly one of them will end up unconscious.


Conor will talk with his fists.

Expect fireworks if they target him physically.


Suspensions aside, Imagine how good it would be if he landed one on Papley’s chin.




if he does, the value of whatever I spent on the trip to be there will be paid back tenfold.


Tickets -$75
Flights- $400
Accomadation- $350
Irish landing one on Papley’s chin- Priceless.


You would be surprised at how ■■■■■■ the immigration system is at the moment for skilled migrants.

It’s an enigma wrapped up in a vortex







Contract announcement imminent I reckon


was a jockey…

fmd now whatleys gonna get on the bandwagon.


This contract stuff…it happens several times a year, and every time I think if I was a player (I wish!) I’d be telling my manager, let’s not get confused here…I employ you.
Pretty much solely for this.
So don’t bother me with bullshit.
Get me the best deal you can and tell me where to sign.
And if I get the feeling I’m not getting the best deal then we’ll talk. A lot.
But I don’t want that, and you really don’t want that.


Fkn hell saw all these posts and thought he might have been a late out

Eat em alive today CONOR



Here is a link to the Conor interview. Not sure how to embed it, sorry. I actually understood 95% of what he said :laughing: