#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


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Smash them Bombers. Knock them on their backsides in the first quarter. Let’s go.


I’ve been drunk since 6pm Friday but for some reason I remember reading that Conor had said he was committed to Essendon. Not sure where I read it. Maybe twitter. Anyhow, take it to the bank. Staying


McKenna announcing he re-signed will ease some of the pain from the EF loss.


Got sold a a pile of ■■■■ by teammates a few times in our d50.


He unveiled about 3 new styles of kick…

He had to, because of the pressure on every disposal.

They all kinda worked.

He is the MacGyver of kicking. If I had any production skills I would dub the MacGyver theme over a video of his highlights. In fact, this is the kind of thing that the Essendon media department should spend all summer doing.


Thanks for that and great vid. But on the topic of staying or going… that didn’t fill me with confidence.


Conor did say he wants to stay at Essendon and that it’s the hands of his manager. I took that as he is staying and they are working on a contract.

You don’t think so?


I heard that but he didn’t shoot down the follow up question which was “do you think about the offers?” He said “manager has talked to me about it 2 or 3 times this year and I just said that’s your job - you do yours and I’ll play football.”

To me that sort of says “I don’t really care - do your job to maximise my $$ at EFC and if you brought me a cheque that was worth twice as much from another club - well done.”

Followed up by "do you want to stay in the AFL/Australia? To which he emphatically said “oh yeah definitely want to stay in AFL…” that enthusiasm wasn’t really present in the prior two questions.

I’m not trying to dissect it to within an inch of its life but it didn’t fill me with confidence.


Nah he’ll stay.


he didn’t rule out leaving but he did say he had no reason to leave and his manager was sorting it out. I got the feeling that he’s happy at Essendon but his heart is still in Ireland. I think he’ll re-sign but I think he’ll probably only stay in Australia another couple of years.


He played a decent game and it was pleasing to see he was up to speed in a final’s game.


That’s what worries me a little. He’ll be trying to maximise his earnings with his next contract before going home. Fair enough, it’s what I’d do but it makes it harder to keep him.


Agreed .Money will be a factor but I think Essendon will come to the party and, if it’s taken him this long to settle, he probably wont want to start somewhere new. He told some people at training last week that he’s staying and the contract is being finalised right now.



Smack can stay on our list until he dies. 10/10 morale raised.


What’s he doing with a pot glass? Give the Irishman a real sized beer!


Smart move by Smack to go with the neck wrap. Almost makes him look normal.


That is fkg classic of a photo. Fair play - as Connor would say.