#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


They’re actually shot glasses for Conor


In one of his interviews after the game he gave this indication. He said as long as hes enjoying himself hes going along with the ride. Did say hed love to go back and play gaelic at home eventually.


“To the midfield, and beyond!”


Leaves when hes 29 as opposed to clinging on until his 33?


i think he needs a bigger scaff!


He can play Gaelic when he’s well into his mid 30s to early 40s they’re not pro. Can play afl for 10 MORe years and then go home to play with the round ball


Its more his body breaking down because of the afl rigours.


After he signs, he needs that number upgrade too.


Interesting tidbit from a Mason Cox resigning was that Cox was under a 457 visa and if he moved clubs would need to reapply for a new working visa and lose his entitlements to a future PR visa

McKenna might be in the same boat?


They are 4yr terms for 457 and then look to gain PR.

I’d think Conor still within that time frame


Pretty sure Hibberd’s dad was just as shocked as the rest of us.


Just to add: geez I miss Pig, so does the side.

Strange as this may sound, his leaving was the same to me as Wanga’s leaving. That’s to me personally and no I am not comparing them as players.


I’m not sure why. Bellchambers and Hooker alluded to the fact that Hibberd had all but decided to leave and go to Melbourne when the Saga players were on holidays in Croatia. Bellchambers and Hooker mentioned trying to talk him out of it.


Maybe he didn’t tell his family due to their passion for the Bombers? I was going on what others said about the dad. No reason for him to lie in the papers, no reason for him to comment at all.


Love the kid and want him in the midfield


Do you think? I think his decision making and composure when under pressure was shown up. Cost us multiple goals.

I like him and hope he stays, but he should be paid what he is worth. If St Kilda are foolish enough to trade us Ross for him as some have suggested, I’d be signing in a heartbeat. Our most glaring midfield deficiency would be somewhat addressed.


That was blitz talk. That is zero chance of happening!




You have a bit more knowledge of the inside workings of the club

Would you know if there is potential for the transition of McKenna to the midfield to happen ?

I figure after Dodoro drafts a HBF with pick 11 there would be every chance for it to happen (sarcasm included)


How come? Was Hibberd one of your favourite players?