#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


This has to be a good sign


The main issue that the international players face is that when they change clubs, they need to apply for permanent residency again. So they basically go back to the bottom of the queue. Apparently it is about a 2 year wait and when Zach Tuohy changed to Geelong he had to reapply and start the process again.

Cox was pretty clear about the issues and how it was a factor in re-signing. Seems that it was definitely a factor for him, no doubt would be a similar consideration for Conor. I think it was in his interview on TAC Future stars after Sunday Footy Show?


I’m absolutely certain his family had little knowledge of it until he returned. I got flamed after Carlisle left for saying on here for a while that he was staying because that’s what his family thought would happen. Things change and there’s nothing wrong with having a change of heart.

On Conor, I’d expect he re-signs reasonably soon but make no mistake, the rest of the competition have recognised the improvement and what he brings to the table.


He was fine - Got two bad handballs behind him in the second quarter that lead to scores which was not his fault, otherwise he was up to the speed of the game - What have StKilda,Ross or money got to do with my post.


Can’t wait to see Irish tearing it up in stints in the mid field next year. Reckon he has a natural aptitude to play midfield. Just so powerful, agile and tough. Can kick too.


The story with Cox is that 457 conditions have changed so getting a new 1 is not guaranteed plus it sends you to the back of the line for applying for permanent residency. If staying in Aus long term is part of your plan then giving up 2-3 years progress towards that goal would be a factor in deciding to change clubs. We all know how quickly a career can be over so imagine you are 1-2 years away from PR, change clubs put yourself back 4 years then not have your contract renewed in 3 years time after injuries. Then you have no club & no visa.


Has signed!! Four more years.


Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce Conor McKenna has re-signed with the Bombers for a further four years.

The new contract will see the defender ‘Don the Sash’ until at least 2021.

McKenna said the decision to continue his journey with the Bombers was based on the bright future and vision of the club.

“Essendon has made my transition into football an easy and enjoyable one,” McKenna said.

“We have a great group of players, and the strong bonds I’ve made with my teammates have helped me develop my game and drive me to want to achieve success.

“I’ve enjoyed every moment with the club and am happy I will continue to represent the club for another four years.

“I believe in our vision, we have an exciting future and over the next four years I hope we can achieve the success we are working towards.”

McKenna played 19 games for the Bombers in 2017, averaging 17 disposals, four marks and two tackles.

Senior Coach, John Worsfold, said McKenna’s speed and ball handling skills makes him an integral part of the Dons line-up.

“We are very pleased Conor has re-signed with the club,” Worsfold said.

“His efforts week in, week out, has made him a fundamental part of the squad.

"Conor is still learning our game and with continued hard work he will improve rapidly and become an outstanding rebounding defender.

“Conor is an incredible fit for what we are building at Essendon.”

McKenna was recruited by Essendon in 2014 as a Category B Rookie, from County Tyrone, Ireland.

After starting as a forward in 2015, the Irishman was moved into defence.

List & Recruiting Manager, Adrian Dodoro, said McKenna was a remarkable endorsement of the Club’s investment in recruiting from international markets.

“It is very pleasing to see such a talented athlete come out of our international markets,” Dodoro said.

“His ability to develop his game at a swift pace, makes his future on the football field very exciting.

“He’s a great young man, with his best football still ahead of him.”




Four years is slightly surprising, but a real show of faith in him, and perhaps also a sign of the competition for his signature. I’m sure he probably would’ve received more financially lucrative offers, and we’ve added an extra year. Either way, happy to have him locked away. Congrats Connor!




“I’ve enjoyed every moment with the club and am happy I will continue to represent the club for another four years."

Onya Conor.


Saw on Laverde’s instagram last night that Conor was packing furiously, seemingly heading to the airport and in a hurry to get home.
It had me worried he’d be leaving without us having secured him - but no need to worry now!


Fantastic signing.


So Pleased.

Now we can focus on chasing signatures.




Good work on the 4 years. He will only get better.


EAD Brisbane


EAD Everyone


Rapt with the signing.
No ones gonna intimidate Conor like they did to that Johannisen dude. We are better off with this kid.

4 years! obviously not homesick.