#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


love it



Rapt- nice little pick me up! :blush:Love what Connor brings - he’s an important part of our next journey.


So glad he is staying a Bomber… Thanks Connor.


4years! Well done to him. He’s earned his long term contract.

I say it every week. McKenna is a f*cking gun!




Should have gone 5, just to be sure.


The toffy commentators can criticise Mad Monday as much as they like, but the Irish lads like the craic and maybe its no coincidence he signed the day after Mad Monday !


He’s got better every year he’s played. Will be an absolute gun when this contract is completed.


Well if we gave David Myers a 3 year deal, I guess he was always going to get a 4 year deal!


If we can somehow teach him the nuances of being a midfielder, he could become our ‘Dangerfield’.

I can picture him in the centre square getting the tap down and streaming away to kick a goal from 50.


Irish should throw a party like his namesake did after the Money fight. Great re-signing. Kid has plenty of dash and loves to take the game on. Well done, Jackets!


Announce re-signing today. Announce delistings tomorrow.


Exciting times!

Thanks Conor :star_struck:


Honour him


to be sure



This kids a farking gun. Still has so much potential.

A look back on his arrival (notice dodoro mentions the M word on where he could play)


great news


Very pleased with that news.


Well what the ■■■■ are we all going to panic about now?