#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


I cant remember a time in recent memory when we haven’t lost a best 22 player to another club.


So much better that the rumour mill talks about players going to Essendon rather than what we have been hearing over the last 4 years


Panic? My panic dollars are dusty and mouldy, never been used,. Anyone want them? He was always going to re-sign. l wouldn’t trade him for Ross either, Conor will overtake him in terms of ability and soon. Go Irish.


Has Yestin Eades re-signed???




Now that he has re-signed…trade bait, we could get something good for him!

(thanks for staying Conor!)


He is going to cost us an absolute fortune in 4 years time!




Most of us are now invested in getting Stringer - maybe we can panic about that not happening?! :joy:


Wonderful news, Im also very pleased at the tenure as he has as much upside as anyone on our list. At the start of the year we identified the running, creative half back as a major weakness by the end of 2018 I’m confident it will be major strength. We have a beauty here in Mckenna, I’m delighted with this signature.


Where’s my highlights package bomber tv?


The value of a panic dollar is dropping compared to previous years.




Had this contract been agreed to after his first month this year especially after the Melbourne game I would have been bewildered but his confidence and ability since then has grown out of sight.

His improvement has been incremental since 2015 but the last 4 months has been drastic.


Now that is a 4 year contract I am happy about!


4 years, yay!

To infinity and beyond!!

Well done Conor.


Ar fheabhas, a bhuachaill !!


Great news.
Terrific news.


Four! Great one, Conor!


No, great four! :four_leaf_clover:

…I’ll show myself out…