#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


David Myers and his 3 year contract


Little shocked to see four but clearly others after him with significant contracts, and also I think we may be going down path of offering longer term over bigger $ to keep space in cap.

Conor and Zaka both getting 4yr deals.

Ripper year for the lad. Should continually improve as well, tracking beautifully.




Faaaaarrrrrrkkkkkk Yeah!!!

Send Ross is a hack compared to this kid, I’m feeling thirsty already @westozziebomber


Shocked a young talented firmly in our best 18 let alone 22 gets a 4 year deal?

These are the players that should be getting long contracts. He worked hard and improved year on year from his arrival it’s not an out of nowhere improvement.


We gave three years to Myers last year. With that as context, an 8-year deal for McKenna would’ve been completely within the bounds of reasonableness.


Yeah, not at all perturbed by a four year deal. It is well earned and if anything shows his commitment to the game (in addition to the club) for that period.


Fair enough. I still havent got over Kommers delistings



Think he’s going to be a great player for the club.


His knee was completely farked man. Its amazing that he got through last season. He was one of my favourites. But there was no way he was going to go on after 2016


I’m curious to look 12 months back to check how many were calling for him to be delisted…

Been a ■■■■■■ good year of improvement.


Give him the number 4 jumper.


Wrong spelling - that would be fan- fookin - tastic!




Stoked he’s staying for at least the next four years. Got a very good feeling about this kid. Well earned Conor!


You can tell I haven’t got my phone back yet… a very belated LOL at all the panic freaks.


Never in doubt.


Great signature to get. Not surprised about four year deal. Rapid improvement this year, has done some phenomenal things on the field. Will be an absolute star




Seems like a great idea to give a guy who routinely gives up 2-3 goals a game a 4 year contract.